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UNSW New Academic Calendar – UNSW 3+ 

Written by Esther Low, March 2018

At the end of this year, say goodbye not just 2018 but also the old UNSW calendar as we enter into 2019. UNSW is transitioning into a new academic calendar model as of next year.

This new calendar comprises of three terms of ten teaching weeks each. Commencing students have the option of taking up a five-week summer term as well. This new trimester calendar is now known as UNSW3+. The UNSW admissions team are working diligently alongside students and staff over the next 2 years to guarantee every commencing student is ready for this exhilarating and progressive transformation.

With this new academic calendar, UNSW aims to offer a more holistic study experience for students, enhance the student experience and offer further prospects for UNSW students. This new trimester study calendar also promises more flexibility for the students and offer the option to spread assignments more consistently across the year.

The below information is extracted from UNSW’s website.From 2019:

  • There will be 3 x 10 teaching week terms, plus an optional intensive Summer term
  • Eight courses will remain the normal full-time study load
  • Nine courses per year (three per term) is an option that some students may choose
  • The flexibility of the study load means students can free up one term for additional opportunities, such as internships, volunteering, or an overseas experience
  • For domestic students, the minimum study load required to be a full-time student (and retain the associated benefits) will be six courses spread with at least one course in each of the three terms

To help you better understand the new UNSW 3+ calendar better and what you’d need to know, click here.

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