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UNSW To Offer New Trimester Intake and Diploma Pathway

 Written by Esther Low, December 2017

Trimester Launch

UNSW will be launching their Trimester schedule, known as the UNSW 3+, starting in Feb 2019 for the first intake. The three intakes are Feb, June, and September. Some universities have already started having Trimester intakes, and UNSW Sydney is finally joining in on this.


UNSW Sydney will be transitioning to a new academic calendar, UNSW3+, starting in 2019. The new calendar consists of three normal terms, each with ten weeks of teaching, and an optional five week summer term in January. This reduces from twelve to ten weeks while keeping contact hours per course unchanged. Students will have to attend 8 courses, but have the option of selecting up to nine courses per year. There are two primary intakes: T1, T3, and T2 (Postgraduate intake depends on the demand of faculties and students).Depending on the number of courses that you need to complete in 2019, degree completion may be delayed by ten weeks. To ensure that the number of students impacted will be kept to a minimum, UNSW Sydney will be looking at how courses can be delivered (Online/Intensive/Summer Term)


With this new launch programme, commencing students will be able to free up more time for international experiences such as internships, extra-curricular activities, and student exchanges. Students who choose to take up to 9 courses per year but do not intend to delay their graduation, they will have to manage their time accordingly by using a term for an internship. Students would complete a preparatory course, short intensive course or online course during this term and hence be able to retain their student benefits.

For students who wish to take up internship programmes as part of their university studies, taking an internship during Term 1, Term 2 or Term 3 will face less competition for internship places against other Australian university students who don’t have the flexibility to take an internship outside of summer.

Launch dates of the programmes are:

18th Feb 2019 – T1 Launch

3rd June 2019 – T2 Launch

16th Sept 2019 – T3 Launch

For more information:

Diploma Launch

More importantly, UNSW is also launching their first ever Diploma pathways in late 2018. To kickstart this new pathway, UNSW will be offering two Diploma programmes. The two diplomas are in Engineering and in Science. A diploma pathway is a programme for students who do not meet the direct entry requirements. Diploma pathways aids in paving students directly into the 2nd year of tertiary studies. UNSW diploma programme is an 11-month programme, with no credit exemptions given. First year equivalent modules are taught in this 11-month so as to maximise success at the degree level.

Students who take up this programme will complete their undergraduate university studies in a similar timeframe as those who have entered directly.

The UNSW diploma programme consists of 3 terms of 12 weeks each, with students doing 3 courses per term.  Students will study in UNSW Global and also UNSW itself. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 20 students per class to ensure the students a better and more conducive environment, which would allow them to have better concentration. Students will have 20% - 40% more face to face support compared with first year equivalent. It also aims to provide more time to cover key concepts, more reinforcement activities, more practice assessment and regular feedback for the student. For those who feel they need to catch up or require additional practices, access to weekly scheduled one-to-one and small consultations are also available.

Additionally, Pre-Diploma English packages are also available for students has a weak command of the English language.

This launch will be going live in the last quarter of 2018. The first intake starts on the 3rd of September 2018 and the programme will last till 2nd Aug 2019. Students who commence during this intake will enter into UNSW Term 3, 2019 (September).

Should you require further information regarding the new UNSW Trimester, please contact us at:

or drop us a call at our hotline: 6819 0560 or Whatsapp us at: 9827 8469

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