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What To Do If You Want To Study Abroad - Like Right Now

Your mind is made up, you want to study abroad and embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

But before you start packing your bags and mark dates on a calendar, you’ll need an action plan to help turn this dream into reality.

While it is tempting to throw caution to the wind and simply grab the nearest opportunity, it’s much better to prepare and cover all the bases.

After all, you’d want your study abroad journey to be as smooth-sailing as possible.

Your Study Abroad Checklist

  1. Conduct Background Research


Your degree, to a certain extent, affects your future direction. Before you make a decision, you might first want to do some background research and find out more about the options available.

Some aspects you might want to focus on include:

  • Your desired course: Fully understand the course syllabus that you will be taking and if they align to both your goals and interests.
  • Your choice of destination: Discover more about the potential destination, like cost of living and way of life.
  • Your university: Uncover the strong points of your shortlisted universities, for example, the subject areas that each university is prolific in.
  1. Seek Expert Advice From Experienced Education Counsellors

Another way you can find out more about studying abroad is through free one-on-one sessions with IDP’s education counsellors! Many of them have tasted life as an international student and will be on hand to give you insights and advice.

It’s an effective way to understand how you can begin your study abroad adventure - from university and visa application processes to settling banking and accommodation matters.

  1. Obtain All Necessary Certifications & Proficiencies like IELTS


Various universities in different countries require you to pass certain examinations and obtain the necessary certifications before you can enrol in their programmes.

One example is the high-stakes IELTS test which is used widely in many countries such as the UK and Australia.

  1. Make Your Application


Once you have decided on your course and country, it’s time to move forward and apply!

If you are working with an education provider or counsellor, they can personally contact your chosen university and assist you with the whole process.

However, if you are to do it yourself, do ensure you take note of all the necessary documentation, the enrollment dates as well as the submission of your language tests.

  1. Accept The Offer

It will take up to a few weeks or a month for your application to be processed.

If it is successful, you will receive a letter of offer that will contain certain terms and conditions that you should be aware of.

Having a counsellor with you is ideal in helping you make the best decision possible if you have multiple offers from various universities.

  1. Apply & Obtain Your Student Visa

Now all that’s left is to apply for your student visa that could take a couple of weeks.

Depending on the country, there are procedures that might be different that you should be aware of.

If you have an advisor, he or she will help you navigate through this necessary administrative task.

3 Study Abroad Essentials To Prepare


- Understand & research your destination’s culture, people & customs

Don’t wait until you touch-down on your destination country to learn more about the people and their culture. Read up on the various customs, festivals and areas of interest beforehand!

- Practise Your Language Skills

If you want to have an easier time fitting into your new surroundings, it’s key to practice your language skills - especially if it is something new to you that the locals regularly use.

- Handle Your Finances (Bank Account) & Accommodation

From setting up a bank account to arranging accommodation (homestay, campus lodgings etc), you want to ensure these essentials are handled thoroughly before you even get on the flight!

Ready To Study Abroad?

At IDP, we are professionals in helping students pursue their dreams abroad - from the UK to Australia.

With our extensive network and University partnerships to our expert and caring education counsellors, we can help you throughout the process of studying abroad - from application and course advice to offer acceptance and accommodation.

Keen to kick-start your own overseas adventure? Swing by our upcoming Study Abroad Education Fair – the biggest of its kind in town! Happening 7 & 8 March, Suntec Convention Centre, Level 3, Summit 1. Doors open from 12pm to 6pm.

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