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Top Five Reasons why International Students Study in Canada

Sunshine in Brisbane

What comes to most peoples’ mind when they think about Canada is the diverse landscapes from snow-capped mountains, great lakes to wide grasslands. 

Globally recognized as an open, accepting and diverse country, Canada is a welcoming country which commits to diversity and inclusion for different ethnicities. Being the home to top universities, this makes Canada a top destination for international students

In the past year, international student enrolment at Canadian universities rose by 11 per cent, bringing the total number of international students in Canada to 192,000, coming from more than 200 countries.

Hear from international students from Italy, Malaysia, India and Iran speak about their experiences studying at a Canadian university and discuss the top reasons why they chose to study in Canada.

Psst: We have summarised the main points for you here in case you do not have the time to click in to view the video!

  1. Quality education recognized around the world – equipped with world class facilities
  2. A welcoming, multicultural society
  3. Safe communities
  4. Affordable education
  5. Support for student success


Written by Rachel Chin, November 2018

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