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Why Ireland Isn’t Just About Medical Schools

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When we think of studying abroad in Ireland, it is common to think of the health sciences and medicine immediately - after all, Ireland is home to some of the best (and oldest) medical schools that produce some of the world's leading health professionals.

These medical schools include:

Trinity College Dublin - Where they have been teaching medicine for over 300 years since 1711!

Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland - Founded in 1784, this medical school has more than 60 nationalities in its student body and is one of the best medical schools for surgeons.

University College Dublin (UCD) - Ireland's largest University with its Medical School being founded in 1855.

While it’s no surprise these three universities are also within the top 5 Universities in Ireland, Ireland is much more than just medical schools!

With over 9 Universities within the Times Higher Education World Rankings top 1000, colleges in Ireland offer an extensive range of courses from design and finance to zoology.

In this article, we will go through some of the degree choices in Ireland offered by the top universities in Ireland that you select if studying medicine isn’t on your list!

Learn Political Science

Have an interest in politics and the international relations of countries? Universities in Ireland such as UCD has a rich curriculum that covers areas including European studies, political theory, and Irish Politics.

The study of politics is useful in analyzing and evaluating information in a compelling manner.

Pursue The Arts & Humanities

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Have a burning desire to understand history or languages better? Many Irish universities such as Trinity College have a diverse study body enrolling in the Humanities and social sciences.

From English literature to Drama & Theatre studies, be spoilt for choice when looking to earn your degree in the humanities!

Enroll In Business Management

Are you looking to have a headstart in the world of business? Irish universities such as Cork University Business School offers degrees such as the Bachelor of Commerce which is also the leading business certification in Ireland.

Studying business in Ireland helps to equip you to enter the competitive business landscape with skills and knowledge including financial markets, leadership, innovation, and supply chain.

Seeking A Post-Graduate Degree? Ireland Is For You Too!

When it comes to post-graduate degrees, some of the popular options include:

Masters Of Business Administration (MBA)

idp study mbaPerhaps the most prestigious and expensive of all post-graduate courses - the MBA is aimed at professionals looking to boost their career to the next level.

Ireland has some of the world’s top MBA programs offering not only the opportunity to learn through case studies and real-world projects but also the chance to build business contacts in a friendly and co-operative setting.

Masters Of Science In Data Science and Analytics

idp data science and analytics As society gets more interconnected and moves into the world of big data, opportunities in technology firms and big corporations for data scientists are increasing at a tremendous rate.

Many Irish universities are offering Masters In Data Science & Analytics, teaching students in the field of database management and developing their skills in data analysis and programming.

Ireland Is More Than Just Medical Schools - It Is A World Of Higher Education

While pursuing your medical degree in Ireland is definitely a sound choice, universities in Ireland have other prestigious and internationally acclaimed programmes from Engineering to Finance that will help suit your area of interest.

At IDP, we have helped secure students placements in many of the best universities globally including Ireland in a variety of programmes.

No matter the stage of the university application you are in, we are experts in helping our students enter the course they desire.

From providing course advice to helping candidates ace their IELTS language examinations, we are here to help!

Click here to learn more about the various undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in Ireland.

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