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Why Rankings Matter To Applying Students?

Written by Cheryl Chang, April 2018

It’s not strange that university rankings play a vital role in the decision-making process for students to opt and decide which higher institution to go. Although, when it comes to exploring potential university candidates, the process usually involves multiple different influencing factors during the decision making process. For both parents and students, both parties weigh their options based on different criteria.

Here are some reasons why university rankings make a difference for students, and why rankings are frequently used as a reliable indicator.

Early Shortlisting Tool

Rankings generally used to create a shortlist of ideal study destinations. In other words, it acts as a stepping stone for further research into long list of universities. In addition, if a student has already decided on their preferred country to study, rankings can act as a filtration tool to “narrow down” the options and simplify the process for prospects.

Instant Reputation Checker

Students frequently consult rankings to identify an institution reputation and global standing. They may match up with the academic or institutional expectations they had of their desired institution by referring the numerical rank to compare universities and make informed decisions about how highly regarded they are.

Direct Comparison Tool

Some students will use rankings to directly compare two or more universities however this would only make a real difference in their decision if the gap in each institution’s ranking were significant.

Key Indicator For Future Employment Prospects

Employability dominates as a key indicator in reference to university and business school rankings. Students use these rankings as a way of ensuring that their chosen institution will be recognised by employers in their faculty area.

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