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Why Study in South Australia?

Written by Jasmine Teo, May 2017

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia is home to millions that includes people from varied cultures and nationalities. Thus, allowing international students who are new to South Australia feel welcome. So here are some reasons why you should consider studying in Adelaide.

Quality of Education

Adelaide has been delivering the best in education for over 170 years through many different schools and universities, producing a long list of Nobel Laureates and Rhode Scholars compared to the other cities in Australia.

Adelaide is also home to 3 long-established universities namely

  1. Flinders University

  2. University of Adelaide

  3. University of South Australia

These universities have been consistently being recognised for their academic excellence and providing a range of opportunities that equip students for jobs anywhere in the world. South Australia is the only state in Australia where all its public universities in 1 or more major international ranking systems. The University of South Australia was ranked at number 32 in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2017, climbing up the ladder from number 57 in 2016. Flinders University was ranked at number 46 in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2016.

With a focus for research centres where industry, higher education and government work together on projects of national and international importance, Adelaide have been joined by two of the world’s best universities to Adelaide: America’s Carnegie Mellon University Australia and the United Kingdom’s University College London. Both have been joined by the newest Australian university, Torrens University Australia, which is part of the Laureate International Universities. The three universities have created and reinforced Adelaide’s reputation as a true education hub.

Life in Adelaide

Adelaide has been consistently ranked as the fifth most liveable city the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit, making it an ideal place to study and live. While the city offers the same lifestyle as other cities in Australia, it is 24% more affordable than Sydney, 20% more affordable than Melbourne and 9% more affordable than Perth. Adelaide is considered to have a Mediterranean climate with beautiful long summers and mild winters. With many beautiful parks, green spaces and quiet suburbs, it makes walking and cycling easy and safe. Nicknamed ‘the 20 minutes city’, it is easy to navigate around the city with no journey should take more than 20 minutes. Adelaide’s public transport system includes buses, trains and trams, which allow easy access to various parts of the city. Also a great thing to note for all international students is that they are eligible for concession fares on all Adelaide Metro services.


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