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Why study  in Sydney (NSW), Australia?

Written by Esther, January 2017

Beaches. Barbeques. Brunches. These are the three things that instantly come to mind when you ask why I would want to study in Sydney, Australia. With such a strong beach and barbeque culture, you’ll be able to get that healthy-looking tan that you’ve always wanted. New South Wales (NSW) in particular, has many beautiful beaches to offer, some of them within proximity to certain universities in Sydney as well.

If you every get tired of studying in the library -- where you’d have to constantly try to hunt for a spot to study – and would like a change in atmosphere, Coogee beach is a stone’s throw away from The University of New South Wales (UNSW). Only a 15 minute walk away from the upper side of the Kensington Campus, both students and Australians alike flock to the beach to bask in the sun, frolicking with one another while taking in the occasional cool breezes and crisp air. You get to play hard and study hard at the same time!

Beaches and barbeques are not your cup of tea? NSW also offers a wide array of brunch locations that the foodie in you can explore, some of which can be found within the city centre, a 20 minute bus ride from UNSW. It is also where The University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) are situated. You won’t have to journey far if you want a break from studying to satisfy your cravings that you’ve been having of late.

With so much convenience at your fingertips, international students do not have to worry about travelling to places without cars. Be in beaches, barbeques or brunch locations, they are all easily accessible via public transport in NSW. You will be able to venture out of your comfort zone to get to your destination comfort.

Coogee beach

Devon Café, Sydney City

Cre Asion Café, Sydney City

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