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Winter Is Coming!

Written by Peter James, March 2018

You must be looking forward to your trip to Australia and ready to embark on a new adventure of studying overseas. Think about your time at the beach; the sun, sand & the sea, but wait, your eyes are beholding an unexpected sight: snow! Why are people carrying snowboards and skis?!

For those looking for an escape from the summer heat, you've found your perfect solution! While you may have left behind warmer climates in Asia/Singapore, the months of June, July, and August are Australia’s winter periods. Before you get hung up on winter blues, think about the wonderful opportunity that you can experience!

Experience winter activities during the summer:

While Aussies may be known for galavanting on beaches and all, they have also known for all manner of winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding. So why not make the best of it, pick up some new skills while you are there! There other interesting indoor activities, such as museums and theatre for viewing pleasure. Do check up on cultural events that are unique to Australia before heading down.

Less is more:

Since it is off-season in the more temperate areas of Australia, which means affordable airfare, accommodations, and car rentals. If you are keen on outdoor activities, such as hiking, then you have to deal with lesser crowds, minimal pesky insects and snakes action!

You can hang with the locals:

There is a saying; when tourists go away, the locals come out to play. If that’s the case, this is your best chance to experience local culture in an organic way that you might never experience while they are trying to get over the number of tourists.

The best advice for students travelling abroad is to “leave half behind!” Australia is a country where you will be able to find most of what you require; toiletries, clothes, electrical appliances, etc. Some students are known for just bringing along wheeled duffel bags and at most, one backpack. Packing comfortable clothing that can be layered for all kinds of Australian weather is always recommended. After all, clothing on campus is usually very casual…you are not going to be on a fashion runway!

If you need your necessary medications, do bring enough to last you for your entire stay abroad. Even if you will be covered by OSHC, do not assume your medication might be available in Australia - the last thing you need is a medical emergency. Likewise, for contact lenses, bring your chemical solutions from home.

Make the best out of your time there, always remember, work hard & play hard!

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