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Writing Skills acquired from IELTS Test

Written by Reven Wee, August 2017

The writing test component is one of four test components in the IELTS test. To do well in this test component, individuals need time to prepare by reading and practice writing various essay topics and writing styles.

To assist our test takers in doing well in this test component, IDP IELTS has free writing workshop sessions available for those who are interested in improving their writing skills either for personal development or to master the writing test component. Once mastered, individuals can also apply the skill set acquired in their future career and professional development.

The writing test component requires each individual to complete two of the three tasks below depending on whether they are being assessed for Academics or General Training. These tasks include:

  • Writing a letter

  • Writing an essay with or without your position / opinion on the essay topic

  • Describing a graph, map or process.

The writing test aims to assess an individual’s ability on grammatical range and vocabulary, coherence and cohesion of the writing materials presented.

By going through the above IELTS Writing Test process, from a pedagogical aspect, the individual would have gained multidisciplinary skills which they can apply to some of their corporate career scenarios which require writing skills:

  • Professional report writing skills: The ability to prepare from succinct executive summaries to in-depth business reports to the readers or target audience.

  • Emails, official corporate letters or corporate memo: The ability to draft formal emails, official corporate letters or memo for specific audiences.

  • Persuasion writing skills and techniques: The ability to write in an argumentative manner or convincing / persuasive manner to the target audience.

There are more scenarios and benefits which the IELTS Writing Test can benefit an individual during their course of their career; we have just shared some of the more common scenarios. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the global leading high stake English test which is recognise by over 10,000 organisations. The IELTS test has two test format, IELTS Academic Test and General Training Test; both are designed to serve different purposes.

The IELTS Academic Test is mainly required by universities or academic institutions as part of an entrance requirement test to demonstrate the student has the necessary English proficiency level to meet the rigorous course subjects delivered by the universities or academic institutions the individual has applied to.

The IELTS General Training Test is mainly required by government organisation as part of the individual / applicant migration application process to demonstrate the individual / applicant has the necessary English competency level to communicate in English once they have relocated to the new country.

For more information on IELTS Tests, click here.

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