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Study Abroad Scholarships for Singaporeans

Apply for and benefit from over 50 scholarships available for Singaporean students.

There’s a common misconception among students that applying for and getting scholarships is a process that’s tough and tedious.

Some feel that the odds of getting a scholarship to study abroad are exceptionally slim, but in actual fact, there’s a wide range of scholarships and grants to suit the various needs of international students.

Scholarships are not exclusive to only high academic achievers (merit-based) and can come from various sources, varies from country to country and is a useful financial boost to anyone’s study abroad dreams and goals.

There are different eligibility requirements for every scholarship, with each covering different costs across undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs.

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Types of Scholarships

In general, scholarships can be categorised into the following:

  • Merit-based Scholarships

In order to be eligible for merit-based scholarships, a student must demonstrate academic excellence, although apart from grades, some universities would consider skills like your athletic prowess or musical ability.

  • Athletic Scholarships

For students who are talented in a particular sport, or are student athletes, universities can offer full scholarships but in exchange for their sporting achievements. Students will have to juggle the rigour of training as well as maintain certain academic standards.

  • Need-based Scholarships

In general, need-based scholarships are meant to help students who are not able to afford tuition and other relevant fees. Eligible students will have to showcase the need for financial assistance, with aspects like parents’ income (if student is still supported by parents) as well as tax statements and employment being analysed by the scholarship provider.

Also, need-based scholarships are separate from merit-based ones, whereby a student can be awarded both.

  • Program-specific Scholarships

As the name suggests, program-specific scholarships are scholarships that tie in specifically with a bachelor’s or master’s program, as well as other study fields like engineering and social sciences. Examples include Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Women in Information Technology Scholarship which is open to all nationalities as well as the University of Melbourne’s AG Whitlam Graduate Merit Scholarship - offered to Master’s students in the field of commerce, economics and management at Melbourne Business School.

Program-specific scholarships are sometimes offered along with the university admission without the student needing to apply for it.

  • Destination-specific Scholarships

In terms of destination-specific scholarships, they are often offered by governments and universities to international students from specific countries, or even globally.

For instance, the UK government’s Chevening Scholarship is a scholarship program that offers Singaporean students and those from around the world, the unique opportunity to study in the UK. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding professionals to pursue a one-year master’s degree in any subject at any UK university.

In Australia, there’s also the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship that is awarded to asylum seekers on a bridging visa.

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Destinations Scholarships

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