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IELTS Sri Lanka is Hiring!

IDP Sri Lanka is looking for qualified and experienced individuals to join its team of IELTS examiners. 

This presents an exciting opportunity for English language professionals to work in the world’s biggest and most dynamic English Language Assessment environment. We are looking for experienced examiners, examiner trainers, and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) professionals interested in training up as examiners.

Requirements and experience

  • A recognised TESOL/ELT (English Language Teaching) qualification
  • At least three years (full time or equivalent in part time) of relevant TESOL teaching experience, a majority of which should relate to adult education (16 years or above)
  • Minimum one year experience at post certificate level
  • Professional and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent spoken and written English

Important Links:
1.    Examiner Recruitment Guide for Applicants
2.    Examiner Minimum Professional Requirement
3.    Examiner Application form
4.    Reference Request

Please download the examiner pack and email the complete application at

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