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FAQ on Using Flywire with IDP

About Flywire

Flywire is a high-growth vertical payments company, trusted organizations around the world to deliver on their customers’ most important moments. Flywire serves more than 2,000 institutions worldwide.

Why choose to pay using Flywire 

  • Best Price Guarantee*
  • Pay in your home currency with local options
  • Track the payment online or in our APP and receive SMS or email notifications each step of the way
  • Strict internal controls and insurance programs to ensure funds are safe and payer’s information is secure
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support

*Local Bank transfer only

How to pay

  1. Select method: Review the payment options and select your preferred method
  2. Provide details: Enter your personal detail and payment info
  3. Make payment instructions then send payments via your preferred method
  4. Track & confirm: Track and confirm payment


Can a family member, friend, or third party pay on my behalf?


Simply include the personal information of the family member or friend who will be making your payment in the “Payer Information” section during the booking process. If you are paying through a third party, you can include the information of the person who instructs them to transfer the funds.

The sender or the payer is the person who holds the account where the money will be sent from. If a family member, friend, or third party is paying for you, the name you include in the request must be the one stated in their bank records or card.

A mismatch between the sender name provided to us and the account holder name stated in the bank records may cause delays in the processing of your payment.

In the case you are paying by loan from your bank in India, you can either provide the loan signer/borrower details or include your loan provider details on the sender information; both are equally acceptable.

My country is not listed, can I still pay with Flywire?

Due to government regulations, we are unable to accept payments from certain countries. If your country is not available as an option on our website, it may be considered a sanctioned country. In this case, please reach out to your institution to discuss your options.

For a full list of sanctioned countries click here.

Currently, we can only offer domestic payment options for certain institutions.

If you are trying to make a domestic payment (same country) and your country is not listed on our website, it means that we do not offer domestic payment options for your country or institution.

Who's information should I supply for "Payer Information"?

When making a payment request with Flywire, you need to enter the payer name and address. If you are paying through a third party, you can enter the name and the address of the person who instructs them to transfer the funds. This information is mandatory for compliance purposes.

You will need to provide us with the street address that matches the payer’s bank records. The address must be located in the country in which the sender is paying.

Please note that we do not accept post office boxes as a valid address.

I don't know my Student ID, what should I do?

When making a payment request through Flywire, you may be prompted to enter your Student ID (Eagle ID, Banner ID, Invoice ID, etc). 

Your Student ID may be required by your institution in order to make a payment through Flywire because it allows the institution to allocate the funds to the proper student account. 

It can usually be found on school, college, or university documents, such as an invoice or course registration. If you are unable to find your Student ID, please contact your institution directly for more assistance.

What exchange rate will be applied to my payment?

Flywire and its locally licensed partners offer competitive exchange rates that are often lower than bank’s rates.

It's important to compare your personal bank’s rate to Flywire’s rate, rather than to those found online. The exchange rates posted on many websites are "mid-market rates,” which are not always available to the average consumer.

Because exchange rates are in constant flux, please make sure to review and compare rates to each other within a time-frame of one to two hours, ideally.

What is included in the amount I have to pay?

Regardless of your currency selection, we will always share with you the total amount due before you finalise your payment request. Flywire will not impose any additional fees on top of this amount due.  

If you transfer funds in your local currency, the amount due will include all foreign exchange and fees charged by our payment partners if applicable. 

If you transfer funds in a non-local currency, we may charge a convenience fee which will be included in the total amount due and the exact amount of the fee will be displayed under it. This convenience fee covers expenses Flywire incurs from processing non-local currencies. 

When will my institution receive my payment?

The time it takes for your payment to reach your institution can vary depending on the payment method.

  • Bank Transfer

From the moment Flywire receives the funds from your bank, it usually takes 2 to 3 business days to process and deliver the payment to your institution. After Flywire receives your payment, it will automatically be guaranteed to your institution

  • Card or other online payment methods

If you have chosen to pay by card or other online payment methods, your payment is automatically guaranteed to your institution. Typically, funds are delivered within 2 to 3 business days after the payment was made 

Do you accept credit cards and debit cards?

At this time, we accept debit and credit card payments for certain institutions.

If, when you are making your payment request, Visa and/or MasterCard are listed as payment options, then that means the credit card option is available for your payment.

For certain institutions and countries, we can accept additional card brands. Those cards’ logos will be displayed once you select the country in your payment request.

If a card’s logo is not displayed, that means we are unable to accept it.

Why is there an amount difference between payment method options?

If you check our rates for the bank transfer, you will notice that the price is lower. Because bank transfers do not involve card payment processors, we can provide a better pricing. Select this option if you are looking to make a payment at the lowest cost available.

Credit card payments on the other hand, are instantaneous and offer many advantages in terms of convenience and speed.

If you need to make a time-sensitive payment, then the card option is a great choice. We advise payers to use credit cards denominated in their local currency to avoid charges resulting from the currency conversions. If a dual or different currency credit card is used, the payer’s bank may charge a currency conversion fee to send the payment to Flywire.


Education payments made easy.

Trusted by millions of students around the globe, Flywire is the safest, most convenient way to make your education payment.

  • Best Price Guarantee*
  • Secure, convenient payment provider.
  • Pay in your local currency.
  • No unexpected fees.
  • Real-time payment tracking.
  • 24x7 multilingual customer support.

*Local Bank transfer only

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