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Cost of living in Ireland

Find out what it costs to lead a student’s life in Ireland

Ireland is a welcoming country known for its cosmopolitan culture and rich literary history. For an international student, the cost of living in Ireland depends on a variety of factors. The city you decide to stay in, your choice of accommodation, and your preferred mode of transportation to and from lectures are some of the common ones. There is no call for getting overwhelmed by this aspect of studying abroad. If you plan in advance and stick to a budget, managing this cost can be easy. This article covers some useful tips:

1. Accommodation costs

If you prefer to stay alone, the cost of accommodation in Ireland can be estimated at around €427 per month. The chosen location and time of the year can also make a difference in the cost.

If you choose to stay on campus, then the cost may come to around €600-900 per month.

If you stay in a shared room, you will have to pay around €400 per month. It can go up to €850 for a private room in a shared apartment.

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2. Living costs

When you plan to move to Ireland for studying, make sure you budget one-off start-up costs like any expense to buy kitchen items and bedding. Your monthly living cost as an overseas student is likely to fall in the range of €650-1,000 (indicative) with the average monthly cost for utilities (like electricity, gas, etc) sitting around €160 (monthly average).

Typically, your monthly food expenses in a city like Dublin would come to around €250 - €350. Here’s a tentative breakup of the same:

Sample expenses (Dublin)

Average monthly cost (indicative)

Meal (inexpensive restaurant)




Milk (1 litre)


Eggs (dozen)


Water (1.5 L bottled)


Bread (loaf)


3. Transportation costs

The cost of public transport in Ireland is higher compared to other European regions. For instance, a 30-day bus ticket in Dublin can cost you approx. €160. But there’s no need to worry; there are other affordable options available. On average, your monthly public transport pass would cost you around €130.

Students living on a budget usually choose to either ride a bicycle to lectures or depend on student discount cards.

Even shops and restaurants offer discounts when you you’re your college student ID card. It can be a good idea to apply for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It is widely used for international students to gain access to the list of places that offer discounts to students in Ireland.

Dublin is the most expensive city to stay in Ireland. According to Mercer’s Cost of Living Report in 2020, it was ranked the 46th most expensive city in the world.

So, don’t hesitate to ask for a student discount when in Ireland. If you feel stuck at any point, feel free to connect with IDP’s international education specialists. We will be pleased to guide you and be a part of your education journey to Ireland.

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Updated on May 30, 2022


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