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Scholarships to study in the UK

High tuition fee and student loans shouldn’t deter you from living your dream of studying overseas. There are several UK scholarships available for international students to apply to and can considerably reduce your overall cost of studying.

Students may apply for government, non-government or university specific scholarships. The criteria for most scholarships are merit and extracurricular activities, but certain scholarships are also based on gender, course, race or country of origin. International students can take advantage of the same while applying for scholarships to study in UK. 

Two major government scholarships programs available to international students in the UK are:

  • Chevening: This initiative supports talented professionals who have shown prior leadership skills and exceptional performance in their respective fields. With Chevening, you can apply for a scholarship or fellowship, the selection of which is done by the high commission and British embassies.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC): The CSC in the UK offers fellowships and scholarships to students from Commonwealth countries. Sri Lankan students applying for a master’s degree or a PhD in the UK can take advantage of this scholarship to fund their education. Under the scheme, there are scholarships available specifically for low and middle income countries that you can take advantage of.

Also, all universities and colleges also have their own set of scholarships which can be subject or destination specific. Do check with them for available options in time.

Keep in mind

Every scholarship has its own eligibility criteria. In case of some, just an application will help you get hold of the scholarship. For research centric programs, you may have to submit written assignments. So, research well and do not hesitate to contact the university admission centre if you have any doubts.

Securing a good scholarship can help bring down your cost of studying internationally considerably. If you wish to explore university wise options, speak with your IDP counsellor  for specific details. They can also assist you in finding the right scholarship for you.  

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