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Diploma courses after graduation in the US

Short-term courses that make you career-ready

The US has most of the prestigious universities and colleges of the world. As a study abroad destination, it distinguishes itself in terms of an internationally renowned education system. In fact, American educational institutions follow a voluntary accreditation system supervised by non-governmental accrediting bodies, which is a unique factor as they are not administered by any central government office.

The American educational institutions also offer several non-degree programs that the students can apply for and get enrolled in, known as diploma courses.

What is a diploma course?

A diploma course is a short-term study course usually extending to one to two years. These programs are usually fast-paced, smaller in size and structure in a way to equip a student with necessary skills and knowledge and make them professionally fit for the job.

The most popular PGDM courses in the US

Why do students opt for a diploma course?

  • To become career-ready: Vocational education allows a student to learn the skills as well as the mode through which these skills can be included in the practice while they study
  • Saves time: The practical essence blended in diplomas allows a student to spend less time on mugging up and completing assignments, but to directly enter the industry and reap the benefits at an early stage
  • More earnings: Since diploma graduates are equipped with practical experience more than theoretical knowledge, they can head on straight to the job market and earn more as a fresher 
  • Learning flexibility: Vocational education courses are flexible, implying they can commence at any point of time in the year because unlike degree courses, it’s not mandatory to follow a higher education calendar 

Many students feel that the US is a perfect destination for diploma courses or non-degree programs because the diploma courses in the US are offered through technical schools or community colleges. These institutions offer specialised knowledge of the subject to prepare students for the job market. The course is structured for a shorter period in contrast to the degree programs and is specifically designed for students who want to jumpstart their career. 

In the US, these courses are popular as they help garner the right set of practical skills and professional contacts, unlike academic degree programs. The diploma courses in the US focus their attention towards travel and work outside the campus environment. As an international student, you can choose anything from a creative course such as film and TV to more academic ones such as a business management course. 

The diploma courses after graduation are popularly known as 'PG Diploma Courses (PGDM)'. In the US, it is also known as 'intermediate graduate qualifications' and these are considered to be equivalent to a masters' degree but they don't lead to a doctoral program.

Duration of PG Diploma courses

Most diploma courses in the US typically range from 12 to 18 months and require at least 8 hours of studying per week. However, it depends upon the university and the course structure which will determine the duration of your course.

If you are keen on pursuing a diploma course after graduation in the US and don’t know where to start, IDP will be more than happy to help you out.

Given the current COVID-19 situation, there might be some changes in the 2020/21 intakes. Don’t worry, our international education experts are here to guide you with the latest updates to help you apply to your desired course and institution. Feel free to connect with our experts for a free counselling session and keep posted about the latest COVID- 19 updates.

Updated on August 20, 2020

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