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Test Takers CD-IELTS

The new way to take IELTS

The world’s most popular high-stakes English language test for work, study and migration can now be taken on computer.

Why one-on-one IELTS Speaking test is better

  • Private Speaking test rooms, free from noise and distraction
  • We can repeat and rephrase a question for you
  • We can match your pace and level of English
  • We won’t ‘time out’ on you
  • We hear your accent
  • We understand your strengths better than a computer


Our test takers had a great experience whilst taking the newly launched computer-delivered IELTS

Here is what they have to say…


Ms. Senanayake, Lecturer from Colombo 

 “A couple of friends recommended IDP to me…. Facilities wise, infrastructure and equipment wise everything was very comfortable. You have your own space and won’t be disturbed by anything. The infrastructure and place where you get to sit, the equipment and mouse everything works perfectly. I would totally recommend it to anybody to choose IDP to do the computer based exams.”


 “My colleagues the doctors they recommended this IDP to me because there are several reasons for that. I tried this paper based IELTS and my hand writing was not good, so this IELTS computer based is going to be a good option for those with horrible hand writing. Completing the computer based IELTS I was seem to manage time. I would definitely recommend to my friends whatever the advantages that I found.”


 “Saw a video on YouTube and it was quite interesting because they allowed IELTS computer based. I find it quite interesting and people here are very friendly. The examiners were quite friendly and they were really hospitable. Well, the main advantage there that I found was do writing part online.”

Kanchana, Lecturer from Colombo 

 “Both location and the environment were very convenient, quiet and no disturbance. The speaking test was very straight forward and very clear in what they were asking, questions were delivered in a friendly manner.”

 Shenara - Academic program executive from Rathmalana.   

Invigilators, people and staff all are friendly and very helpful. Computer delivered exam is so much easier when you compared with Paper based exam. I would definitely recommend CD IELTS through IDP for my friends and family.

 Suwanthri Ravindrakumar - Chartered Management Accountant.   

“My main purpose was to immigrate. I got to know about the CD IELTS through one of my friends who sat through the process and she found it easy and convenient and she recommended it for me…… The writing test, the number of words is displayed so it’s easy for the students rather than going back and counting how many words they have written”

 Amanda - Teacher.   

“I think the test experience was great, the instructions were clear, politely delivered and the computer based exam itself was easy, user-friendly interface and overall a good experience”

 Akash – General Manager Human Resource.   

“Computer based one is very convenient and you can give your full attention without getting disturbed by other people so while you’re doing the traditional test you have disturbance. So here you can have your own way and your own privacy and conduct the session”



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