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台北(02)2773-8111/台中(04)2326-1722/高雄(07)311-2280 | LINE: @idptw

English Unlimited - 澳洲語言學校


  • 語言學校:English Unilimited
  • 校區:布里斯本
  • 學校特色:
    • Hospitality Skills Training餐飲管理專業課程 (如:義式咖啡課程)
    • 打工渡假並可獲得一技之長
    • 一對一教學課程
  • 網址:www.englishunlimited.qld.edu.au


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-10:30 Speaking - Giving personal Information about my country Reading, speaking & vocabulary friends and family

Grammar presentation - using and & but

Reading - world populations

Writing a personal description

Whole class mingle - match the description to the student

Choose from:

Communicative English Skills


Hospitality Skills 5 weeks course
(Intermediate English+RSA)

10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12:45 Pronunciation activity Review question forms & question words Review of punctuation - correct a bad resume Web-research - my country
Review of verb "to be"
Board game
Prepare and carry out a class survey Employability - writing a good resume Presentations - my country
12:45-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Speaking & Listening - making arrangements Greeting visitors & Offering drinks/food Giving directions & driving Weekly progress check & personalised feedback

weekend activities (optional)

BBQ at Roma Park

Visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

14:45- After class English - ACE (optional)
Introduction to Academic English Cultural visit - Brisbane Museum, City Hall & Clock Tower Market visit - food vocabulary & functional language of buying Cooking class


Hospitality Skills Training餐飲管理課程 (5週共25小時含義式咖啡課程...等)








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