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Academy of Film, Theatre & Television



The Academy of Film, Theatre & Television (AFTT) is a specialist filmmaking, acting and theatre production school that offers a selection of industry recognised courses, ranging from one to three years. These include diploma and advanced diploma qualifications, as well as a bachelor's degree program.

AFTT is based in the heart of Sydney, one of Australia's vibrant and dynamic cities and a truly cosmopolitan place that is regularly voted among the best places in the world for students to live and study. The school is located in central Sydney, in the Surry Hills creative precinct.

The area has a diverse student community representing over 150 countries, and a vast landscape of cultural and social scenes to explore. AFTT students can immerse themselves in live music, theatre and film events, and can enjoy a rich variety of bars, coffee shops and world cuisines.

AFTT is widely regarded for the quality of its tuition, and a carefully curated program of courses in subject areas such as screen, media, and acting. Teachers are actively involved in the professions they teach, and can offer students career-oriented insights and guidance about work opportunities.

The campus is near several large production companies such as Fox Studios, and others within Sydney's Entertainment Quarter.

AFTT is well-furnished with a suite of purpose-built facilities including five theatre and screening spaces with HD projectors and surround sound, modern computer labs with the latest industry-standard software, audio recording rooms and video-editing suites.

Students have access to the tools needed for success, guided by an experienced team of professional creatives. AFTT inspires the creative development of its students and aims to prepare them for a smooth and confident transition into their professional careers.

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Study experience

Study experience

Students are given an orientation session before the commencement of their studies at AFTT. They are then assigned a mentor, who will assist them with their transition to study at AFTT.

All programs are delivered full-time and at the AFTT campuses. However, students will also enjoy learning outside of classrooms through excursions, projects and location-based activities.

At AFTT, students are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences in addition to learning theoretical aspects of the industry. The focus is on performance-based training that is aligned with industry best practices.

Students attending AFTT can expect to undergo a variety of assessment methods such as exam-like questions, written documentation, direct observations, and screening presentations. AFTT students also have in-class assessments to test their knowledge and skills, along with opportunities to integrate what they learned in a work setting.

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Study options

Study options

AFTT students can choose to study in the following areas:


The Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media offer students a hands-on, immersive learning experience in filmmaking. Aspiring filmmakers discover how best to tell the world their stories. On completion of these study options, AFTT graduates can progress directly into the second half of the JMC Academy's Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television) at JMC's Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane campuses.


AFTT prepares students for a sustainable and professional career in acting. The Diploma and Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) provide students with the opportunity to gain confidence and a range of skills through collaborative approaches. The programs enable students to explore the principles of acting for film, theatre and television.

Theatre Production

AFTT students gain an understanding of theatre production through its hands-on program. The Diploma of Screen & Media gives students the opportunity to collaborate with actors, filmmakers and stage managers to experience in-house and external productions.

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Graduate outcomes

Graduate outcomes

AFTT's industry network plays a key part in the success of its graduates. It works closely with Bondi Pavilion, Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney Film Festival and many more. The academy is also affiliated with the University of New England (UNE) and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

The Academy of Film, Theatre & Television offers students fully accredited qualifications that help them gain employment after graduation.

The academic team at AFTT includes professionals who are actively involved in directing, starring and producing national and international productions. Students who attend the academy can expect to benefit from the diversity of hands-on industry experience which the academic team bring to teaching.

AFTT's Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media graduates have a pathway into the JMC Academy's Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television), and students undertaking the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) and Diploma of Creative Arts (Acting) at the academy will have their degrees awarded by JMC.

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Entry requirements

International students can expect to meet the following entry requirements:

  • Completion of senior secondary certificate or equivalent
  • Score of 5.5 in IELTS (with no band below 5.0) for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs, or 6.0 of the Acting degree, or equivalent
  • Submission of a personal statement
  • Must be of age 18 or above at time of commencement
  • Must pass the interview
  • Must complete an audition (for Acting applicants)

How to apply

  • Complete an online application form.
  • Submit the following documents:
  1. Certified transcripts (translated into English)
  2. English language proficiency evidence
  3. A personal statement
  • Acting applicants will receive guidance to help them prepare for their audition.
  • AFTT will arrange for an interview (video conference).
  • On being accepted, students will receive an offer letter and enrolment papers.
  • Students must pay their tuition fees and purchase Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • AFTT will then issue students a Confirmation of Enrolment.
  • Students may then apply for a student visa.

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The AFTT campus offers a range of cutting edge professional-grade equipment and facilities that will enable students to explore and develop their skills in film and television, stage and theatre production as well as acting.

Students will enjoy equipment and facilities including:

  • 5 screening spaces with HD surround sound and projection
  • The latest Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro Cinema Cameras and RED® digital camera systems
  • Foley and audio room linked to Audio Suite
  • Adobe Creative Suite, ProTools and DaVinci software
  • Computer labs, edit suites and production labs with Avid Media Composer
  • Open studio sound-stage space with green screen infinity wall
  • 5 studio spaces with Tarkett flooring and pianos
  • Completely equipped in-house theatre with professional quality sound, lighting, staging, and seating.
  • Auditorium
  • Library
  • In-house theatre

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Sydney is a friendly, lively, and safe city home to a population of 150 nationalities, which creates a diverse environment for international students.

The area's entertainment and creative industries enjoy international recognition, and Sydney has played a huge role in the success of world-renowned productions such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Mission Impossible II, Star Wars Episode II, Planet of the Apes, Superman Returns, and many more.

Sydney boasts an eclectic, bustling, and adventurous theatre scene. Known for more than just its iconic Opera House, the city is home to one of the most respected theatres in Sydney, the Belvoir Street Theatre and many other creative companies located throughout the city centre.

AFTT has a long-standing partnership with the Belvoir Street Theatre, one of the world's most loved stages - providing students with the opportunity to work in stage productions and theatre performance.

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