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ACG - Animation College New Zealand Limited

New Zealand
關於 ACG - Animation College New Zealand Limited

Animation College was established in 1989 by former Disney Animator John Ewing. It is New Zealand’s only college to offer degree and diploma level courses specialising in both 2D and 3D character animation. The College’s industry lead training will give students the skills to tell stories that inspire, influence and entertain. It teaches aspiring animators to capture the art of emotion by creating characters that mimic life and evoke empathy in the viewer. The College has almost thirty years' experience in animation education that’s more than any other educational institution in New Zealand or Australia.

No matter whether students choose to specialise in 2D or 3D, the principles of great animation remain the same. All of it’s diploma and degree programmes emphasise true character animation and storytelling. The College specialises in true character animation. The skills students will learn will help them open doors to a creative career anywhere in the world. The skill based learning at the College makes it’s graduates unique and in demand locally and internationally across a wide range of disciplines including animation, illustration, design, gaming, advertising, film and graphic novels or comic books.

The Animation College Auckland campus is located the top two floors of Otago House at 385 Queen Street. The facility has been custom fitted to suit the needs of the students and to facilitate the running of collaborative learning environment. The Manukau campus is located on the second floor of the Westfield Manukau Mall Complex. The facility is custom fitted to suit the needs of the students and to facilitate the running of our collaborative learning environment.

該學校接受雅思成績 ACG - Animation College New Zealand Limited
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New Zealand Qualifications Authority 的成員
-36.85606, 174.76197 Level 11,385 Queens Street,Auckland CIty,Auckland,1010 New Zealand
Auckland Campus
最近的城市:Auckland City
地址:Level 11,385 Queens Street, Auckland CIty, Auckland, 1010 New Zealand
-38.13913, 176.2498 1220 Eruera Street,Rotorua,Auckland,3010 New Zealand
Rotorua Campus
最近的城市:Auckland City
地址:1220 Eruera Street, Rotorua, Auckland, 3010 New Zealand
-41.27924, 174.78032 2 Bunny Street,Pipitea,Wellington,6011 New Zealand
Wellington Campus
地址:2 Bunny Street, Pipitea, Wellington, 6011 New Zealand
-36.85602, 174.76189 385 Queen Street,Auckland,Auckland,1010 New Zealand
Manukau Campus
地址:385 Queen Street, Auckland, Auckland, 1010 New Zealand

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