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College de l'Estrie (CDE)



CDE College is one of Quebec's leading private educational institutions, and specializes in delivering a range of short term, professionally oriented courses for enterprising students. Whether a student is hoping to finish their post-secondary education, gain additional skills for a rapidly developing employment market, or even begin a new career pathway, CDE College develops its culture and courses to suit these needs.

The college is accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports, and continues to lead the higher education sector through collaborative relationships with a number of partnered employers and institutions.

CDE College is located in the beautiful city of Sherbrooke, Quebec. It's a bustling Canadian city regarded as the cultural and economic hub of the region. In addition to a plethora of cultural and entertainment options, the city hosts a number of local businesses in addition to lovely parks and residential areas. For students looking for an experience of the Canadian landscape, outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking are just a stone's throw away from the college campus.

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What's new

What's new

CDE College recognizes the significant and long-lasting impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world and higher education institutions. As a result, the college is committed to flexibly adapting to changing requirements and continuing to place the student experience and student wellbeing at the heart of everything it does. The college has enacted a number of changes towards this goal and will ensure that all existing and prospective students will find CDE College to be a safe and enjoyable environment.

The college has carried out an adjustment to its education model, and now offers students and staff a hybrid learning approach. Students will be invited to attend half of their classes and courses on the campus site, with the other half taking place online. This dynamic approach will allow students to continue enjoying the hands-on learning and community that CDE is known for, while keeping infection risk to a minimum.

Facilities around the college will be regularly and thoroughly sanitized via an enhanced cleaning regimen, and a number of new facilities have been installed to maximize the protection and comfort of students and staff across the campus. This includes personal protective screens in classrooms or shared spaces, as well as three new classroom spaces for high-quality learning and upskilling.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

CDE College is renowned for its excellent teaching approach which is geared towards adult learners from a range of backgrounds or skill sets. Students attending the college can expect intimate class sizes as standard, meaning that they have enough personal instruction and support to ensure that any individual needs or issues can be swiftly met. The staff at the college are highly trained and prioritize the success of their students above all else, both academically and professionally.

CDE College delivers an impressive portfolio of short-duration, professionally focused programs of excellent quality. This curriculum of certificate programs is built in collaboration with employer-partners from across the province and beyond. These passionate companies and organizations apply their own success criteria and industry knowledge to shape the college's courses. As a result, students leaving CDE College will be safe in the knowledge that they are equipped with desirable, contemporary professional skills.

In addition to this, the college's rich links with regional and national employers allows it to facilitate an outstanding range of internship or professional placement opportunities for its students. These experiences are available in tandem with the certificate programs and will allow learners to deepen their real-world experience and add professional context to the college's excellent taught programmes.

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Department structure

Department structure

CDE College is divided into two main departments which reflect the college's specialized professional learning model. These are:

Administration, including accounting and management, and business management.

Information Technology, including network administration, programmer-analyst and application development, office system techniques and website design.

The college is also recognized as a training center for the prestigious Microsoft IT Academy program and provides related certificate programs.

These courses and programs range in duration from six months of theoretical and practical training and experience to two years (four semesters) of learning, leading to a highly valuable certification across a range of subjects and backgrounds.

Many of the programs offered through CDE College's departments will include an internship or placement opportunity which runs alongside and complements the course content.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

CDE College is a respected higher education institution in Canada which is committed to accepting a diverse range of students from around the world. In order to be accepted onto a program at the college, prospective students will need to submit an academic dossier made up of their latest diplomas and transcripts by email. Alongside this, students will need to identify which program they would like to undertake, and the session they would like to register for. This can be the January, May or September session and will depend on the student's country of origin.

CDE College staff will then analyze the applicant's dossier and academic achievements. Following the satisfaction of the minimum requirements, the college will send a pre-admission letter to the applicant. Once the applicant has paid the fees indicated in the pre-admission letter for the first year of the program, they will receive an official letter of acceptance.

The successful applicant will then be required to secure a student visa by meeting the visa requirements set out by the Canadian Embassy in their home country. Students should account for this process taking up to several months depending on the country from which they are applying and plans for arrival and commencement of studies should reflect the possibility for the delay.

Each certificate program offered may have its own academic or other entry criteria which are additional to those set out above.

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Scholarships and funding

Scholarships and funding

CDE College is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to support its students in achieving their learning goals and maximising their potential after graduation. As a part of this, the college supports the delivery of financial support to students who require it and offers an easy to use system for the payment of tuition fees with 24/7 online support.

One of the most recent financial benefits made available to students by CDE College is a targeted fund for students who are facing difficulties in completing their studies online. This could be due to a lack of proper computer equipment, inconsistent internet connection, or other personal circumstances. As a result, the college is offering one of the following options to all eligible students:

  • Learners who would like to, but are unable to, attend online classes from their home country due to a lack of equipment will be offered a selection of hardware by the college, including a laptop for educational use and a data plan for four months.
  • Students who are experiencing difficulty in repaying their loan on time or in its entirety will be eligible to receive financial assistance towards this cost up to a maximum sum of CAD 700.

Students applying for this financial benefit must be an international student who is living outside of Canada at the time of applying for admission. They must also demonstrate their possession of an approved study visa or approval in principle from IRCC. Finally, they will need to be in Canada when they will receive the financial benefit. The assistance provided through this scheme does not need to be repaid.

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CDE College offers all of its certificate programmes from its campus in Sherbrook, Quebec. This campus is located in the center of the city and is furnished with an excellent range of amenities, services, and facilities to meet students' personal, social and educational needs. The college is also kept up to date with modern teaching equipment, private study spaces, social areas, and a large number of classrooms.

The campus benefits from being surrounded by a variety of cafes, restaurants and shops which can be accessed within minutes. The city of Sherbrooke also hosts two other major universities and a number of other colleges. The city is constantly bustling with activity and student events, as well as a constant stream of cultural and entertainment events.

Students attending CDE College for their first semester of study will be able to enjoy high quality student accommodation no extra cost above their tuition fees. This fantastic opportunity is perfect for students looking to settle into college and Canadian life before deciding whether to remain in campus accommodation or make their own arrangements. It is also an unbeatable opportunity for making new friends and connections for the duration of their time at the college.

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