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At Eynesbury College, students will have a unique pre-university experience in Adelaide, South Australia.

Most programs focus on university entrance and pathway progression however, Eynesbury also offer senior High School (Years 10, 11 & 12). International students have the chance to progress to the University of Adelaide or the University of South Australia. Available study options include:

  • English language programs
  • Senior high school years 10, 11 and 12
  • Foundation studies
  • Diploma programs

Eynesbury College has prepared thousands of students for the next steps of their education. For almost 30 years, learners from all around the world have travelled to study there. International students make up around 25 per cent of the student body.

The college is spread across two centrally-located campuses in Adelaide. Both are near Chinatown, Central Market and the University of Adelaide. The Coglin Street campus is where foundation, diplomas and English language programs are taught. Senior high school programs are held at the Franklin Street campus.

Adelaide often ranks as one of the world's top ten most liveable cities (Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Index). It's Australia's fifth-largest city, and it has an international airport. Direct flights go to destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, KL, Doha, Guangzhou and Dubai.

It's easy to get around Adelaide. Free public transport and Wi-Fi access are available in the city centre. Adelaide is known as one of the safest and cleanest cities in Australia, as well as one of the most affordable (EIU Cost of Living Survey 2019).

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What's new

What's new

Vonny, China

Vonny studied high school years 11 and 12 at Eynesbury College. She then went to the University of Adelaide and earned her bachelor's degree in dental surgery. After graduating from the university in 2012, she now works as a dentist in Adelaide.

''The teachers at Eynesbury are so helpful, whenever I have not done well in my test they always spend more time privately to help me study. I love that Eynesbury is located in the centre of the city, very convenient to go wherever I want. Adelaide has cheap rent and a low living cost, it is safe and very easy to get around.''

Quan Hoang Tran, Vietnam

Quan Hoang Tran took the foundation studies program at Eynesbury College. He then earned a bachelor's degree in marketing and communication from the University of South Australia. He said: ''I received the best care I can get from my teachers, not just during the time I was studying at Eynesbury but even now.''

Zoe, China

Zoe took the extended foundation studies program at Eynesbury College. She then went to the University of Adelaide to earn a bachelor of teaching (secondary) and bachelor of arts. ''For me, the best thing in Eynesbury is teachers, they are patient and responsible! I like the slow pace of life in Adelaide and I will recommend Eynesbury and Adelaide to other students.''

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Department structure

Department structure

Eynesbury offers some of the most comprehensive university pathway programs in Australia. As well as senior high school years 10, 11 and 12, programs include:

Foundation studies

This is a pre-university program, equivalent to Australian Year 12. Students are well supported so they can prepare for life at:

  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Or a different Australian university


This is an advanced pre-university program, equivalent to Australian Year 12. After successfully completing a diploma program, students have guaranteed entry into the second year of a partner university degree program. Diploma options are in:

  • Business
  • Computing and IT
  • Engineering

English language

Language programs are available for students who are at a beginner level in the English language. There is also an option for more advanced English language speakers. Students develop the skills needed for academic success.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

International learners can develop their English skills with the Eynesbury College Academy of English. Programs help students transition to higher levels of academic study.

English for General Purposes (EGP)

The EGP is for beginner-level English speakers. The program entry requirements are:

  • IELTS score of 3.5, or equivalent.

English for Academic Purposes Preparation (EAPP)

The EAPP program is for intermediate-level study. Students will need:

  • IELTS score of 4.0, or equivalent.

English for Academic Purposes (Navitas English curriculum)

This program is for students who need to develop their skills for their academic studies. The entry requirements are:

  • EAP 1 – IELTS score of 4.5 with no less than 4.5 in speaking and writing, or equivalent
  • EAP 2 – IELTS score of 5.0 with no less than 5.0 in speaking and writing, or equivalent
  • EAP 3 – IELTS score of 5.5 with no less than 5.5 in speaking and writing, or equivalent.

Students can check the country-specific academic requirements for their chosen programs.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

Eynesbury College offers scholarships for eligible students. These are in place to support learners with their tuition fees and other finances that come with studying overseas.

Eynesbury merit scholarships

A tuition fee discount of ten to 50 per cent is available for high achieving international students across all Eynesbury programs:

  • Eynesbury Senior College program
  • Eynesbury Foundation Studies program
  • Diploma programs

Contact Eynesbury college for eligibility details.

Navitas family bursaries

A tuition fee discount of ten per cent is available for up to eight study units within one program. This has to be with a Navitas member institution.

Students are encouraged to see what financial awards are available, and the eligibility requirements.

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Student safety

Student safety


The city of Adelaide has been named Australia's safest capital. Around 1.3 million people live there. The Economist Intelligence Unit named it the fifth most liveable city in the world.

Adelaide is a very friendly and affordable student city. In the iGraduate survey, 96 per cent of students were satisfied with their arrival to the city, and with their living arrangements.

Campus safety

The college works hard to ensure students have a safe and comfortable experience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has additional health and safety measures in place.

There are several support services that students can utilise during their time at the college. Staff are always happy to provide help. Services available include airport pickups, for new students arriving to Adelaide.

Those under the age of 18 regularly meet with accommodation coordinators. This provides a safe space for students to discuss any issues they have with their academically or socially.

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Graduate outcomes

Graduate outcomes

Graduates of Eynesbury College achieve outstanding academic results. Many go on to study at universities in Australia or around the world.

The college's high school students are regularly placed within the top one per cent of students in Australia. Over 99 per cent of them are offered a place at their chosen university. 97 per cent of Diploma graduates meet the entry requirements for their chosen university. 100 per cent of Foundation Studies graduates are eligible for progression scholarships to their preferred university.

University of Adelaide

Eynesbury College students have been progressing to the University of Adelaide since 1992. The college helps learners find their ideal degree programs, and supports them throughout their progression.

University of Adelaide ranked number 106 in the QS World University Rankings 2020 and is part of the prestigious Group of 8 universities (Go8) in Australia. This is the highest ranking of any university in South Australia. The university has a large variety of exciting programs that help students towards their dream careers.

University of South Australia

Eynesbury College students have been progressing to the University of South Australia since 1994. The college supports international students with their program choices and reaching their academic goals.

University of South Australia ranked number 25 in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2020. It offers over 200 different degree programs where international learners prepare for successful careers.

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Why Adelaide
Why Eynesbury
Adelaide South Australia 15-19 Franklin Street
Adelaide South Australia 16-20 Coglin Street
Eynesbury College is a leading pathway provider for almost 30 years. The institute has successfully prepared thousands of students for university in Australia. Eynesbury?s specialist approach combines small class sizes, experienced teachers and close academic guidance to support students in academic preparation for university. The college invites students from all over the world to study in Adelaide.

Eynesbury offers a range of programs which allow students to study at the Senior High School, Foundation or Diploma level. It has always maintained a strong emphasis on university entrance and education pathways. The College offers the most comprehensive range of pathway programs in South Australia, which provides maximum flexibility in assisting students to gain entry to their chosen degree pathway and in preparing them for academic success at University.

The diploma and foundation programs attract students from many different countries around the world. Teachers at the college are more than specialists in their field and delivers exceptional teaching during lesson time, and extensive individual support to students outside of the classroom. Students are supported in their learning through flexible timetables, small class sizes and through a comprehensive wellbeing program, which ensures students reach their full potential.

The College has two campuses, both located in the centre of Adelaide city, near the Chinatown and Central Market precinct. It?s a short walk, or a free tram ride, to both The University of Adelaide and University of South Australia. Adelaide is a safe, friendly and affordable city for students, the fifth most liveable city in the world (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2015) with a great lifestyle, fantastic weather and a very affordable cost of living
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