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United Kingdom

LILA was established in Liverpool in 2004 as an independent English language academy. It was founded by two sisters, Leanne Linacre and Victoria Lee.The LILA vision is simple, it wants to inspire and enable it’s students to ‘Love to Learn. The Institute likes to think that once a LILA student, always a LILA student. At LILA ,it makes a promise to it’s students to provide a fresh, contemporary environment in an iconic location, ensure they receive a complete student experience with quality teaching and they receive great value for money.

LILA aims to offer quality teaching at affordable prices. The Institute offers a wide range of English courses suited to different student levels, ages, and needs. It offers courses and accommodation for students aged 12-17 years as part of it’s Junior Programmes and General, Business, and Exam Preparation courses to adults and young adults . Whatever students reasons for learning English, the LILA team are here to support and guide them every step of the way. At the Institute, Liverpool boasts contemporary learning facilities providing everything that a LILA student could possibly wish for ,quality teaching, value for money, a wide range of courses, great location, personal service, and a comprehensive social aspect that will help shape students experience at LILA and in Liverpool.

LILA Liverpool is an innovative language school situated in the cosmopolitan city of Liverpool. It is a medium-sized school with a family feel and it’s purpose built school means LILA students study in style and comfort. Liverpool has so much to offer as a vibrant and iconic cultural destination.

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53.40572, -2.98815 47 North John Street,Liverpool,Greater London,L2 6SG United Kingdom
地址:47 North John Street, Liverpool, Greater London, L2 6SG United Kingdom

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