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Milcom Institute



A registered training organisation in Australia, Milcom Institute specialises in business and telecommunication programs. Students and employers highly regard Milcom for its quality and industry-relevant teaching and study options.

With over 20 years of experience, Milcom offers high quality technical training for the telecommunications, business and technical security industries. Teaching at Milcom focuses on workplace relevance to improve students' career outcomes.

Milcom prides itself on its network of industry experts who have trained over 30,000 students in total. At Milcom, students learn in practical, hands-on environments where they can gain the skills needed to succeed in the world of work.

International students learn at the Brisbane campus where they will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities.

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Why Milcom?

Why Milcom?

A few more reasons students should choose Milcom for study:

  • Milcom is associated with and actively participates in the telecommunication and business industry.
  • It has been providing training since 1991 and has trained over 30,000 students.
  • It offers training in state-of-the-art, practical learning environments to help equip students with relevant skills for the industry.
  • For every one of its qualifications, it undertakes consultation with industry stakeholders within the organisation to ensure industry relevancy in its curriculum.
  • Milcom Institute is home to highly qualified, enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated staff.
  • Students have the opportunity to practise what they learn in its supervised simulated work environment.
  • Milcom offers students an enjoyable and safe learning environment.

Student speak

Here's what a few students had to say about their experience of studying at Milcom:

''Excellent...course, value for money and good teachers.''- Anthony Cortes

''Excellent (choice) for... (those looking) to start a new career. Teacher and staff are very helpful. Would recommend highly.'' - Youssef Elrafihi

''A friendly and professional learning environment.'' - Qasim Tanveer

''Trainers are well experienced and have... knowledge...(of) current ongoing situations outside institute.'' - Seham Mirza

''Great experience, good teachers and support from Milcom Institute. Highly recommend!'' - Viacheslav Khomenko

''Professional staff and great facilities.'' - Shahil Thakur

''Great staff, good atmosphere, trainers are very cooperative and highly qualified.'' - Adnan Iqbal

''It's immense pleasure to confirm that it was a good class with a lot of support from the teachers who updated us with latest information and cleared all our doubts.'' - James Varghese

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Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering

This program helps students gain skills and knowledge on how to:

  • Forecast network growth
  • Design IP based network telecommunications equipment and manage them
  • Implement convergence technologies within telecommunications networks
  • Design optical and wireless network telecommunications architectures and manage them

On successful completion of the diploma, students can apply for work or choose to progress to pathways including:

  • Graduate Certificate in Telecommunications Network Engineering
  • Graduate Certificate in Telecommunications
  • Graduate Diploma of Telecommunications and Strategic Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering
  • Or degrees related to areas such as telecommunications, optical fiber, and networking

Visit the Milcom website for more information on the program.

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Leadership & management

Leadership & management

Management programs

Milcom offers the below qualifications to teach students how to design, initiate and execute capability development & learning functions in an organisation.

  • Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning)
  • Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

Students who take up these study options learn how to become professionals who can advance organisational learning and capability.

The Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management

The Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management teaches students how to initiate, plan, and implement a variety of leadership and management functions, and take accountability for team and personal outcomes using broad parameters.

On successful completion of the program, students can apply for work or progress to another advanced diploma, a graduate diploma, diploma or degree in fields such as business, marketing, management, and communications.

Visit the Milcom website for more information on these programs.

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Diploma of Business

This program is for executive officers, program consultants and program coordinators looking to further develop their business skills, or those with little experience in the field. On successful completion of the program, they can apply for management positions or progress to the:

  • Advanced Diploma of Business
  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Advanced Diploma of Business

This program is for students who already possess business skills and knowledge and are looking to further their knowledge across a range of business functions for better employment or educational opportunities.

On successful completion of the program, students can apply for various management positions or progress to another advanced diploma, a graduate diploma, a diploma, or degrees in areas such as management, marketing, business, and communications.

Visit the website for more details about the programs on offer.

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Students studying at Milcom also have the opportunity to go on to degree pathways offered by Southern Cross University.

Some of the pathway programs of Southern Cross University that Milcom students can choose to progress onto include:

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management
  • Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies)
  • Associate Degree of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology

Entry onto a program at the university will be subject to students meeting their English language requirements for their chosen program.

Visit the Milcom website for more information on pathway programs on offer.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Students must meet the below entry requirements to gain admission to Milcom Institute:

  • They must prove their English language proficiency with an IELTS band score of 5.5 with no band less than 5.0 (or)
  • Students must have a TOEFL score of 46 (with no speaking score below 15 & no reading/listening score below 6) (or)
  • Students must have a PTE academic score of 42 with no score below 35, Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English 47 (or)
  • Students must take up the English language test at Milcom Institute

Students are also required to meet the below conditions to gain entry to programs:

  • They must be of minimum age 18 when they commence their program of study at Milcom
  • They must have a Year 12 certificate or equivalent qualification

Visit the Milcom website for more details on admissions and entry requirements.

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At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
At Milcom Institute
Salisbury Queensland Construction Training Centre, Ian Barclay Building (Room 1.9), 460 ? 492 Beaudesert Road
West Melbourne Victoria Ground Floor, 355 Spencer Street
MILCOM Institute, is a Registered Training Organisation and with the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) catering for the learning needs of the Business and Telecommunication Industry. The institute has been providing training since 1991 and has built a strong reputation of being a quality training provider and has trained over 30,000 learners. It adheres to strict quality standards in its administration, training and assessment services to their learners.

MILCOM Institute prides itself on the high calibre of its management, teaching and administrative staff. The institute has well qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated staff to ensure the smooth and appropriate functioning of the College. Strong financial and student management are key determinants of the success or failure of any teaching establishment. The institute are renowned for its practical, hands-on approach to training.

The training centres are conveniently located in major capital cities and are set up with state-of-the-art training equipment. All trainers are industry experts with the required depth of current knowledge and industry experience to allow learners to practice new skills in a supervised simulated work environment. Learners and employers can be confident that the acquired skills can be directly applied on the job. MILCOM training facilities provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment, equipped with the latest tools and safety equipment for trade.

The institute has appointed a full-time, on-site student welfare officer to provide student welfare related services including (but not limited to) accommodation, counselling, crisis services, disabilities and equity issues, financial matters, legal issues, medical issues, mental health, peer mentoring, programmes promoting social interaction, religious and spiritual matters, and stress-management. MILCOM always look for the latest bulletin about arrangements and events of interest. There is a caf?/diner on site, with reasonable prices and also shower on site as well. The institute has two campuses one located in Brisbane and other in Melbourne.
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