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Solent University - QA Higher Education

United Kingdom


Solent University Pathway helps international students transition into UK university education. Programmes are available for students who can't initially meet undergraduate course requirements.

Programmes are taught at Solent University's main campus in Southampton, southern England. Pathway students have access to the university's excellent facilities. They can also access extensive academic services and personal support. Friendly and professional help is available at every step of the student journey.

Southampton is an exciting waterfront location. There's plenty to keep students entertained while they're not studying. It's near to a national park, and is home to one of the country's largest shopping centres. The campus is near the city centre, so students are close to all amenities on and off campus.

Programmes are provided in partnership with QA Higher Education. International students develop their English language, academic and general skills to boost their employability. They choose between STEM, creative and business programmes, and prepare for undergraduate study.

Solent University is a prestigious institution recognized globally for its achievements, such as:

  • Four-star overall rating in QS World University Rankings 2019, with five stars for facilities, teaching, employability, internationalization and inclusiveness.
  • Shortlisted for THE university of the year, 2019.

Solent University Pathway strives to transform students into confident, skilled and knowledgeable individuals. It's dedicated to helping learners reach their goals and potential.

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What's new

What's new

Covid-19 update

Solent University Pathway College is planning pathway programmes to go ahead as planned and the programmes are planned to be delivered through a mixture of on-site and in-class teaching alongside online learning activities. International students who are unsure of travel arrangements are encouraged to speak to the admissions team who will be able to discuss available options.

Solent University continues to review the situation, and follows government and health advice. The Pathway College aims to keep all applicants up to date, and is updating relevant content regularly.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

International Foundation Programme

The pathway programme helps those who want to study at Solent University, but can't meet the entry requirements. Programmes are designed so students can build on their skills and qualifications. They can then progress to a creative, art, engineering, business or computing degree course.

The International Foundation Programme lasts either two or three terms. Lengths depend on how much English language tuition the student needs. Students develop writing, reading, speaking and listening skills, as well as academic skills. They also study specific modules that introduce them to the subject area of their chosen undergraduate course.


Students study on the campus in Southampton. This gives them the support and facilities that degree students benefit from.

Programmes are led in partnership with QA Higher Education. They are validated by the university and taught by QA Higher Education staff. Teachers are experienced in tutoring students from all different kinds of nationalities. They are dedicated to helping students build the qualities they'll need for a wide range of degree courses.

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Department structure

Department structure

There are three main pathway programmes available:

Business and Management

Students build on their knowledge and skills in areas of business and management. The programme looks at business from a variety of different perspectives. This helps students understand how different businesses operate and work together. There is also a focus on management theories.

Creative Industries

Those looking to work in the creative industry can learn about the key areas of art, design and media. They are able to develop their interests, confidence and competencies, so they can communicate their ideas well. The programme includes a creative project. This helps students prepare well for the intensity of undergraduate study.


Students pursuing the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) pathway learn through practical experiences. They develop their problem-solving abilities in scientific contexts and understand how to apply theories. Students complete the course ready for their demanding undergraduate courses.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

For the International Foundation Programme, students must meet a number of entry criteria.

English language requirements

  • Two term programme – minimum IELTS score of 5.5 overall with no less than 5.5 in each band, or an approved equivalent.
  • Three term programme – minimum IELTS score of 5.5 overall with no less than 5.5 in each band, or an approved equivalent.

Academic requirements

International students need to have completed 12–13 years of schooling, depending on their home country's education system. There are specific requirements for different countries.


Students must be aged 17 years or older. If they are 17, they must turn 18 during the first six months of their studies.


Students can apply directly through the course pages online. Alternatively, to find out more information about the programme or how to apply, students can register online and will be contacted by the Admissions Team. The team will discuss different options and provide answers to any questions.

Students are encouraged to apply early so all preparations for studying in the UK can be made in time. Information about dates and deadlines can be found online. Successful applicants will be sent an offer of a place as well as information about how to register and enrol.

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Students can utilize the many facilities on Solent University's campus. There are modern learning spaces, a brand-new sports complex, a student-run cinema, the Students' Union, campus cafes and fitness facilities. GBP 43 million has recently been invested into maritime training facilities at the institution. The university is home to the biggest maritime simulation centre in the UK.


Student residences provide safe spaces for studying, socializing and relaxing. Bedrooms come with furnishings, high-speed Wi-Fi access and personal contents insurance. Students can enjoy shared lounges with table tennis and pool tables.

There is a residence management team which is available for support 24/7. They maintain accommodation, clean communal areas and adapt rooms so that they are accessible for disabled students.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

Tuition fees

For the International Foundation Programme in 2021/22:

  • Two terms – GBP 10,500
  • Three terms – GBP 13,000.

Fees may increase annually due to inflation.

Other expenses

As well as tuition fees, pathway students have living costs such as accommodation and food. It's recommended they budget accordingly. A number of courses also require extra costs. This could be for field trips or equipment to support learning.

Financial support

The finance team can provide friendly and helpful advice to those who have any issues with budgeting or paying their tuition fees.

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  • £472
  • £559
  • £88
  • £234
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