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St George's Anglican Grammar School

關於 St George's Anglican Grammar School

St George’s Anglican Grammar School is an exciting new secondary school based in the Perth CBD making full use of the cultural, sporting and business opportunities on offer in their progressive, modern city environment. Catering for students in Years 7-12, St George’s Anglican Grammar School delivers an outstanding educational experience, supported by the knowledge, experience and resources of the Anglican Schools Commission. The School enrols both local and international students, providing an ideal environment for students to develop the skills and cross-cultural understandings which form the basis of a global perspective.St George’s Anglican Grammar School is a proud member of the Anglican Schools Commission system of schools.

As centres of excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship, and service, the schools of the Anglican Schools Commission are distinctively Christian communities, fulfilling the Gospel imperative to teach the faith and nurture the young.The School aims to focus on the needs of the whole person – intellectual, aesthetic, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical and social. These are incorporated in the School’s curriculum and Co-curricular programme.

They are committed to ensuring that students and staff interact in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, one that is enjoyable, challenging and stimulating, where students accept personal responsibility for their learning and behaviour. St George’s Anglican Grammar School believes that strong relationships between the School, their parent body and their students are vital to ensure the success of each student. They aim to keep open lines of communication between the School and the home.

The 50 William Street campus is located in a high rise building, the first of its kind in Western Australia. Designed by one of WA’s leading school architectural firms, the School is at the forefront of modern secondary education facilities.The campus is bright, modern and student-friendly. It comprises seven floors of state-of-the-art teaching and learning spaces, including a fully equipped cafeteria and a rooftop recreation area. The interior design features bold splashes of colour and clean, modern finishes.

該學校接受雅思成績 St George's Anglican Grammar School
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Accrediting Commission for Schools, WASC 的成員
-31.95409, 115.8571 50 William Street,Murdoch,Western Australia,6000 Australia
地址:50 William Street, Murdoch, Western Australia, 6000 Australia

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