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Swinburne University of Technology - Sarawak Campus



Swinburne University of Technology has a long and proud heritage as an Australian university with over 150,000 graduates globally since its first class in 1909. For over a century, Swinburne has committed to innovative education, strong industry engagement and social inclusion. The Malaysian campus in Kuching was launched in 2000 and is a leading Australian university in Malaysia which offers students a superior option for return on investment. The attractive fees are the result of the university?s partnership with the Sarawak State Government and a focus on financial sustainability versus high profits.

As a branch campus, students at the Malaysian campus receive the same high-quality education through undifferentiated courses and equal academic standards as the Melbourne campus. The graduation testamurs are identical to graduates at the Melbourne campus, offering a truly international education in Malaysia for students who with global career aspirations.

Students at the Malaysian campus may opt to spend a semester at the Melbourne campus through the International Student Exchange Program or complete their degree at the Melbourne campus via flexible transfer options after completing their Foundation or Degree years 1, 2 or 3 depending on the length of their degree course. All courses are well recognized by professional organizations. The university have close ties with industry and provide invaluable work experience. Industry representatives shape curriculum, providing guest presenters, team projects and six- to 12-month paid placements in their Industry-Based Learning programs.

The Malaysian campus is in the heart of Kuching, Sarawak and is a mere 10 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes to the city-centre. Kuching is the capital of Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia and is well connected through daily direct flights from the nation?s capital, Kuala Lumpur, including major cities such as Penang, Johor Bharu, and Kota Kinabalu. Situated on 16.5 acres of land and surrounded by a hospital, three modern shopping malls, commercial and housing areas and public amenities, student life at Swinburne?s Malaysian campus is conducive to studies, convenient and safe. The low cost of living in Kuching compared to other cities in Malaysia, friendly English-speaking locals and wide variety of food makes it attractive to students from over 50 countries.

The modern campus provides facilities which enhance the overall student experience, a library that seats 700 and a large selection of leading, online resources and learning materials, a 350-seat lecture theatre, 44 computer and science laboratories including two 24-hour computer labs, 46 research and engineering workshops and 93 lecture halls and tutorial rooms. With on-campus accommodation options, high-speed WiFi and a wide selection of food and beverages coupled with over 50 student clubs and sports facilities which include a gym, basketball, badminton, soccer, table-tennis and more, there is something for every student to get involved in besides the pursuit of academic excellence.
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實際錄取條件會根據你需要就讀的領域、學位以及課程有所調整。你能過濾 Swinburne University of Technology - Sarawak Campus的所有課程,並且了解課程的綠取條件。

該學校接受雅思成績 Swinburne University of Technology - Sarawak Campus

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本次活動,IDP 邀請澳洲格里菲斯大學 Griffith University 臨床醫學系及公共衛生學系兩位教授擔任活動講師,針對醫科、牙醫、公衛系所介紹,並且將在活動後與同學進行一對一面談。未來希望進入該領域就讀的同學,都可以針對該醫學科系就讀內容、申請細節及就業發展等相關問題發問,都能立即得到答覆!

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