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Toronto Catholic District School

關於 Toronto Catholic District School

Toronto Catholic District School has a long and distinguished history of providing excellence in Catholic education for the Toronto community. The TCDSB International Education Program offer students a vibrant and enriched Catholic educational experience. Its objective is to enable students to not only reach their academic potential, but also to develop spiritually and emotionally as well. It takes great pride in serving the diverse interests of students.

The Toronto Catholic District School Board International Education Program is affiliated with 31 High Schools and 167 elementary schools located across the Greater Toronto Area. International Students may enrol in short-term programs, half semester programs or full year study programs. Courses offered include English, Mathematics, Sciences, Business and Information Technology, and it allows the students to focus their studies on the dramatic, visual and media arts, dance or music.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and one of the most multicultural in the world. It is also the cultural, entertainment, and financial capital of Canada. Students will thoroughly enjoy their time in the city, immersing themselves in the culture, and improving their English language skills while they work towards and Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

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43.76338, -79.408 80 Sheppard Ave. E,Toronto,Ontario,M2N 6E8 Canada
Toronto Catholic District School
地址:80 Sheppard Ave. E, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6E8 Canada

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