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At UNBC you aren't just a number you are part of a tight-knit community. As one of Canada's best small universities and top research-intensive universities, our faculty and staff strive for academic excellence while providing students with a personal learning experience. We are also known as Canada's Green University, where we recognize the importance of leading the way to a more sustainable future for all.

Ranked as the 201st best young university globally (Times Higher Education Young University Rankings), UNBC is a popular destination for international students. Its motto, 'En Cha Huná, interpreted as ‘respecting all forms of life,' reflects the university's spirit of academic freedom, respect for others, and a willingness to look from different perspectives.

Career-focused education

Set among central British Columbia's stunning landscape, UNBC offers a student experience that is inclusive, personal, hands-on, and dedicated to building tomorrow's leaders. The large variety of programs are taught by award-winning academic staff where teaching goes beyond the classroom.

Students take part in many enriching learning experiences. They work closely with their peers and professors, participate in research projects, receive extensive support and boost their employability through work placement opportunities. The diverse learning environment is supportive, inclusive and celebrates academic achievement.

Prince George, Northern BC

All UNBC students have countless opportunities to enjoy what Canada has to offer. Those at the main campus have a view of the stunning Rocky Mountains with lots of outdoor activities right outside your door. Prince George is the largest city in Northern BC, where there's something for everyone, and the sun shines for 299 days per year. It is home to a lively restaurant scene, many parks, two junior hockey teams, a thriving culture and arts scene, with lakes everywhere and downhill skiing nearby.

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What's new

What's new

New engineering programs

UNBC is offering two exciting new undergraduate programs in civil engineering and environmental engineering. Both programs equip students with the expert knowledge and skills needed for a career centred around responsible development and infrastructure.

The School of Engineering has modern facilities, including the Wood Innovation Design Centre and Wood Innovation Research Laboratory. Both of these learning spaces are known worldwide for their innovative use of renewable resources in the construction process and reducing carbon emissions.

International-focused Global Lounge

The new Global Lounge is an on-campus space designed with international learners in mind. The comfortable and modern environment is open 24/7. It's an ideal place to meet classmates, relax and enjoy big-screen entertainment.

UNBC's COVID-19 response

The university quickly adapted to the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic. New students can feel reassured that there are strict health and safety procedures in place. UNBC is working on a plan to have in-person classes in September 2021.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

UNBC is a relatively small university that offers unique learning opportunities through its research and experiential learning initiatives. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 8:1, students enjoy small classes and work closely with academic staff.

As a research-intensive university, many of our faculty are global leaders in their work. Our faculty bring their research to the classroom while focusing on the cultural, social, environmental and economic issues of the north, resulting in world-leading research in areas such as natural resources and community sustainability, of which our students are involved.

Some students are able to collaborate with faculty on research projects, even in the first year of study. Other learning opportunities include UNBC's Co-op program, which offers students the opportunity to gain unique, practical work experience.

Academic Success Centre

Support services are available throughout the educational journey. Students can utilize academic support through tutoring and online help or peer-led learning programs. All tutors and peer mentors take part in ongoing certified training.

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

UNBC was the only small Canadian university in the 2017 rankings, where it placed in the top five percent of post-secondary institutions worldwide. It also ranks within the 2018 Young University Rankings and is one of only four universities in British Columbia to make Research Infosource Ltd.'s Top 50 Research Universities ranking.

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Department structure

Department structure

Study options include undergraduate, graduate, diploma, certificate and international exchange programs. Undergraduate academic programs take place within five faculties, all of which have a different approach to creativity, collaboration and flexibility. Each has unique assets and opportunities, where all students can find the perfect program to match their goals.

Faculty of Business and Economics

  • School of Business
  • Department of Economics

Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (civil, environmental, integrated)
  • Maths
  • Physics

Faculty of Human and Health Sciences

  • School of Education
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • Northern Medical Program (UNBC/UBC Affiliation Agreement)
  • Department of Psychology
  • School of Social Work

Faculty of Indigenous Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Anthropology
  • Department of English
  • Department of First Nations Studies
  • History
  • Department of Global and International Studies
  • Northern Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Women and Gender Studies

Faculty of Environment

  • Biology
  • Ecosystem Science and Management (ESM)
  • Environmental Science
  • School of Environmental Planning
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • Forestry
  • Geography
  • Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management

Students can browse the program landing pages to see the exciting opportunities available.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Innovative learners from all over the world are welcome to apply to the University of Northern British Columbia. Undergraduate students have three start date options:

  • Fall term, September
  • Winter term, January
  • Spring term, May

Graduate students usually begin in the fall term. It is often possible to start at different points of the year.

Academic criteria

Each program has its own specific admissions requirements, which can be found on the UNBC website. International students need an accepted secondary or post-secondary education equivalent to high school in British Columbia, or a General Certificate of Education. A-level and O-levels must have an overall grade of at least C.

English language criteria

International students also have to satisfy the English language criteria, as this is UNBC's primary language of communication. Proficiency can be proved through one of the following language test scores, or equivalent:

  • TOEFL – overall score of 90, with at least 20 in each band
  • IELTS – overall score of 6.5, with at least 6.0 in each band

Alternatively, students can demonstrate sufficient previous study in English, or show that their home country is exempt from the language requirements.

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Graduate outcomes

Graduate outcomes

Student Career Center

Many resources and services are available to support learners in their transition to professional work after university. This includes employment preparation workshops, alumni opportunities, annual career fairs and job listings.

Students can receive help with all aspects of job searching, such as writing cover letters, developing resumes and interview preparation. Career advisors are friendly and approachable, with expert knowledge to help graduates stand out from the crowd.

This year, UNBC is hosting a virtual career fair that will allow students to connect with hiring employers. The event will help students to:

  • Explore work opportunities
  • Understand the hiring processes
  • Network with potential employers
  • Strategize with a career plan.

Co-operative program

UNBC's co-op program gives students the chance to gain the desirable qualities that employers look for through work placements and other employability experiences.

''The co-op program was there every step of the way to answer any concerns or doubts I had. The feeling of ‘wow, okay, I'm not just a student, and I actually have valuable knowledge and experience' is probably the thing I am most thankful for from participating in the program.'' Cameron Spooner, ENSc.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

One in four students receives a financial award from UNBC each year, with up to CAD 3,500,000 in awards provided annually. This financial support helps students with educational costs so that they can head towards meaningful careers. Many awards are available for international students.

Entrance and general awards

These range in value from CAD 750 to CAD 6,000. The UNBC Merit Award, for example, awards eligible students who demonstrate academic excellence with a scholarship of CAD 2,500.

No application is required for awards such as the International Student Scholarship, which gives CAD 1,000 to eligible international students to reward academic excellence. There are also course-specific scholarships, such as the Computer Science Entrance Award (CAD 1,000).

In-course undergraduate awards

Students often benefit from awards after starting their studies, which they can apply for every year. Course-specific scholarships include the Chemistry Award of Excellence (CAD 1,250). The International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship awards eligible international students with CAD 1,000 in tuition credit.

More information can be found from the awards and financial aid office.

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801st  / 1250


At University Of Northern British Columbia
At University Of Northern British Columbia
At University Of Northern British Columbia
At University Of Northern British Columbia


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11/12【加拿大】Nativas 四所大學聯合招生面談 - 大學部 (線上)


CA Taipei, Taiwan 12th Nov 2021 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
11/13【加拿大】偏遠及北部試點移民計畫 - 聯邦學院 Confederation College (線上)

RNIP移民項目適用於加拿大5個省份合計11個城市,希望藉此吸引移民來滿足當地勞動力市場的需求和支持區域經濟發展。聯邦學院Confederation College所在桑德灣市Thunder Bay為試點項目的城市之一。

CA Taipei, Taiwan 13th Nov 2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
11/13 【加拿大專題講座】留學 x 工作 x 居留:加拿大公立學院就是這麼神 (線上)



Centennial College 百年理工學院

Columbia College 哥倫比亞學院

Douglas College 道格拉斯學院

Fanshawe College 范莎學院

LaSalle College 拉薩爾學院

Langara College 蘭加拉學院

Humber College 漢博公立理工學院

Georgian College 喬治亞學院

Sheridan College 謝爾丹理工學院


此場線上講座為Zoom線上參加,線上報名後,將由專人與您聯繫。活動當週將傳送Zoom Link至您的電子信箱。亦可直接撥打免費報名專線: (02)2773-8111

CA Taipei, Taiwan 13th Nov 2021 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
11/20【加拿大】Trent University公立特倫特大學/ 熱門科系與就業前景說明會 (線上)

特倫特大學有 100 多個學士課程可供選擇,加拿大獎學金排名第一,並已連續 20 年排名第一。加拿大整體聲譽前 5 名,是全球排名前 6.2% 的大學。對於特倫特大學學士學位有興趣的同學們不要錯過了!!

CA Taipei, Taiwan 20th Nov 2021 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
11/27【主題諮詢日】應屆高中畢業生限定!加拿大大學名校落點優勢分析 (線上)



CA Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 27th Nov 2021 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM

想了解更多關於此處的資訊?請看 IDP如何蒐集並展示課程資訊. 此處的資訊內容若有誤,IDP不負任何責任與義務。建議您直接洽詢IDP的專業顧問,以獲得最新最準確的資訊。



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