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關於 溫尼伯大學

The University of Winnipeg received its charter in 1967 but its roots date back more than 145 years. The founding colleges were Manitoba College (1871), and Wesley College (1888), which merged to form United College in 1938. The University is a dynamic campus and a downtown hub that connects people from diverse cultures and nurtures global citizens. It offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs including several that are unique in Western Canada, for example, a Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights, and a Master’s degree in Development Practice with a focus on Indigenous Development.

There are five faculties - Arts, Business, Education, Kinesiology, Science - offering 3-Year, 4-Year, and Honours Bachelor Degrees. Students can also enrol in applied and joint programs as well as unique pre-professional streams that provide students with the preparatory courses needed to fulfil the admission requirements for such areas as Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, and Journalism. The Faculty of Graduate Studies includes Master’s Degrees in Arts, Science and Development Practice. PACE offers a variety of full-time and part-time diploma and non-degree programs, designed to help students achieve their personal and professional goals.

UWinnipeg offers a rich array of arts plus cultural activity that makes UWinnipeg a dynamic place to learn. It’s academic departments, galleries, performance groups and student organizations across its campus foster engagement in the arts and are committed to raising the profile of the University’s arts scene. UWinnipeg proudly partners with other arts initiatives and organizations to contribute and enhance the creative and cultural vibrancy of its urban campus and the city.

At the University of Winnipeg, intramural sports will enhance the university experience for all students, faculty, and staff by organizing fun and safe recreational activities. Intramurals will provide participants with the opportunity to develop skills that will help them reach their academic goals, such as team-work, leadership, respect and professionalism.

The department of Recreation Services hosts a variety of recreational clubs and leagues available for all skill levels. Whether students are looking to have fun by playing an organized sport, get physically active or meet new people, they are sure to find something that will help reach their goals.

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba and located in the centre of Canada, which is consistently ranked one of the world’s safest countries and one of the world’s top travel destinations. The university’s central downtown campus is only steps away from exciting nightlife, galleries, museums and shopping, and close to green spaces, parks and walkways.

該學校接受雅思成績 溫尼伯大學
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49.89167, -97.15451 515 Portage Avenue,Winnipeg,Manitoba,R3B 2E9 Canada
Winnipeg Campus
地址:515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 2E9 Canada
49.89045, -97.15383 460 Portage Avenue,Winnipeg,Manitoba,R3C 0E8 Canada
地址:460 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 0E8 Canada

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