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This ONE Reason Will Convince You To Study In Australia

If you are considering studying abroad in Australia, hesitate no more.

Australia is one of the best places to study abroad, and surely the 900,000 international students studying in the Down Under in 2018 agree too. It is the 3rd most popular international study destination in the world, and for good reason.

If you need confirmation that you are making the right choice studying abroad in Australia, here’s why.

Why Study in Australia?

Why Study in Australia

Australian universities perform well in world rankings such as the University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). According to the QS Rankings, 37 of the world's top universities in the world are in Australia, with five universities within the top 50.

What’s more, Australia is also home to the prestigious and research-intensive Group of Eight universities, which produce more than 50% of Australia’s research output.

Universities in Australia count 15 Nobel Prize Laureates among their alumni, so if you graduate from an Australian university, you can be sure that you are among esteemed company!

To give you a better idea, here are the top three universities in Australia.

#1: Australian National University

ANU is Australia's top university and ranked 24th on the 2019 QS rankings. At Rank 73 on the Graduate Employability Rankings, its graduates have some the best prospects in the world!

Its top courses are Philosophy (5th in the world), Anthropology (7th) and Earth and Marine Sciences (9th).

#2: University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is ranked 38th on the QS rankings and 7th on the Graduate Employability Rankings.

With international students from 130 countries making up 40% of its students, it has a diverse and multicultural student body!

Its top courses are Law and Legal Studies (6th in the world), Anatomy and Physiology (9th) and Mineral & Mining Engineering (11th).

#3: University of Sydney

4th-ranked in Graduate Employability, the University of Sydney tops Australia for graduate prospects.

The university is ranked 42nd in the world and offers 400 areas of study, the most in Australia. With a wide range of disciplines and global exchange options, students are free to pursue their interests and develop themselves.

Their top courses are Sports (4th in the world), Veterinary Science (9th) and Education & Training(12th).

If this isn’t enough to convince you, we have five more reasons why studying abroad in Australia is a great decision!

Five Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Australia

Fabulous Weather: Sun and Sea

Australia is home to stunning beaches and fantastic coastlines all around the country. The summer weather is perfect for checking out the best surfing spots or chilling out on the beautiful beaches.

Whether it’s the endless white sand and crystal clear water of Whitehaven or the surf haven that is Bondi Beach, studying in Australia will give you all the time in the world to bask in the sun and the sea.

Hone Your Command of English

In Australia, you'll have to speak English all the time. Even if it's just to get a cup of coffee. Having constant exposure means that you're going to pick up English fast, even the slang and habit of using abbreviations!

Not ready to take the plunge into studying university abroad just yet? Joining an ELICOS programme can give you a head-start on refining your English skills for IELTS and getting a taste of life in Australia at the same time.

Wonderful and Amazing Landscapes

There's just so much to see in Australia. During your holidays, take the chance to explore Australia and discover iconic landscapes such as the Great Barrier Reef and The Twelve Apostles.

Exciting Metropolitan Cities

Exciting Metropolitan Cities

Of the top 50 student cities, six of them are in Australia! For your next summer break, you could add city-hopping to your bucket list.

From Sydney to Perth to Adelaide, there are so many diverse experiences to look forward to. All these huge cities are multicultural, have a bustling nightlife, and incredible food. Pavlova and meat pies, anyone?

Work While Studying

In Australia, you can work while studying to cover expenses and gain experience. From part-time jobs to internships, students can work up to 20 hours a week during the school term and full-time during the holidays!

Need more help financing your university studies? The Australian government invests $200 million a year in international scholarships, so that's an option too!

Make Your Ideas A Reality

Australia has a diverse multicultural society and a welcoming atmosphere. As an international student, you will feel right at home studying abroad in Australia.

From studying at a renowned university to surfing on the beautiful beaches, your dreams are just a couple of steps away!

At IDP, we make your ideas a reality and smooth out your journey studying abroad. From applying to a university to selecting accommodation in Australia, we will be there to guide you along every step of the way.

Keen to kick-start your own overseas adventure? Swing by our upcoming Study Abroad Education Fair – the biggest of its kind in town! Happening 7 & 8 March, Suntec Convention Centre, Level 3, Summit 1. Doors open from 12pm to 6pm.

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