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7 Ways Studying Abroad Will Benefit Your Child

You might be hesitant to send your child abroad in the midst of a global pandemic, and rightfully so, with health and travel safety concerns.

However, with institutions taking measures to adapt, the benefits of studying abroad has never been stronger.

In fact, international students now have the option to study online before transitioning to studying on campus once borders are open.

This combination of studying online and in-person is known as blended learning. It is now becoming the norm in schools around the world.

Blended learning is effective in imparting skills and preparing your child for the post-COVID world, where remote learning and working will become increasingly common in the workplace.

Want your child to develop critical skills and secure career prospects? Here’s why studying abroad will benefit them!

1. Access a diverse choice of courses

Whether it’s picking a major or degree to pursue overseas, there’s a wide variety of options that can cater to every student.

By doing research and exploring the full range of options out there, your child would be able to find something that best suits what he or she wishes to study and make an informed decision.

2. Get the edge professionally with an overseas degree

Having an overseas degree is a great way to boost the resume as it signifies both academic and personal skill development.

41% of employers are more likely to offer a higher salary to employees who have studied abroad. This is because students who have studied abroad are perceived to be more adaptable and able to cope with challenges better.

3. Develop a new language skill through immersion

Studying abroad gives your child the opportunity to pick up a new language through immersion from class interaction and daily activities.

This can be particularly useful especially if he or she ends up taking on a regional or international role for work.

After all, fluency in a second language and being able to communicate with foreigners is always a plus for organisations that have a global presence.

Even if your child ends up in an English speaking country, going through the full immersion experience would give him or her a better grasp of the language as he or she would be able to pick up different accents and slangs.

4. Prepare for an international and borderless workplace

Through blended learning, your child would be able to adapt to remote learning more effectively. This translates to being able to productively work in a post-Covid world, where remote working is the norm.

Apart from that, the exposure to an international environment would prepare your child to eventually thrive in an international workplace.

As your child gets to experience a different style of teaching overseas, this can also help him or her to adjust better to different management styles in the workplace.

5. Start building valuable networks in your field of study/industry

Having overseas exposure empowers your child to build an international network of contacts which could be valuable in the future.

As the students and lecturers that your child gets exposed to are all related to a specific field of study or industry, the connections could lead to future career opportunities such as job offers and internships.

Besides that, some of these connections might even turn into lifelong friendships.

6. Develop independence and grow as an holistic individual

There’s no doubt that it can be difficult to adjust to living and studying overseas, especially at the start.

However, the challenges that your child overcomes while studying abroad will contribute to his or her personal growth.

When he or she learns to thrive in new, unexpected circumstances, there will be increased confidence and independence. Also, he or she would grow into a more mature person.

7. Experience a new culture with travelling opportunities

Your child’s experience with a different culture will contribute to expanding his or her worldview.

Being exposed to fresh perspectives and meeting people from different backgrounds would also play a part in developing cross-cultural awareness.

During study breaks, there would be travelling opportunities to neighbouring states or nearby countries. Thus, your child would get to travel to new places that he or she might not have otherwise visited.

Make the most of Studying abroad with IDP

At IDP, we believe that studying abroad is a life-changing experience that will influence your child’s growth.

However, it comes with its set of challenges.

If your child has a tough time adjusting, our experienced education counsellors will be there for him or her.

Want to get started?

Book a counselling session today and we’ll help you and your child navigate the environment and course application overseas.

If you prefer to do so virtually, contact us here and we’ll be in touch!

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