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The Most Affordable Student Cities To Study In Right Now

It’s no secret that studying overseas can be expensive.

On top of tuition fees, there are other things to factor in when planning finances. These include flight fees, day to day expenses as well as the cost of relocating and living in a new country.

Having said that, it isn’t entirely impossible to study abroad without breaking the bank.

If you’d like to turn your overseas study dreams into reality without causing too much damage to your bank account, the good news is that you can!

With affordable options in top study destinations such as Canada, Ireland and the UK, among others, there’s no doubt you’d be able to gain quality education from recognised universities without spending a bomb.

Check out these 6 affordable student cities to study in.

1. Australia: Brisbane

If you’d like to experience living in a vibrant multicultural environment, Brisbane is a great option.

With over 50,000 international students flying over every year, it is the third most populated city in Australia.

The cost of living per month is estimated to be slightly over $1,300 per month in Brisbane. It is also 0.73% less expensive than Singapore, so with proper planning, you would be able to live comfortably without spending too much.

If you’d like to calculate based on your lifestyle, you may use this calculator.

Some notable universities in Brisbane include James Cook University and the University of Queensland.

Besides that, there are many other options with affordable tuition fees. Expect to choose from over 9,000 courses offered at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels.

2. Canada: Montreal

Montreal is a popular city to live in because of its various neighbourhoods that are full of culture, art and dining options.

Home to popular schools such as McGill University and the University of Montreal, the city has over 6 universities and 12 junior colleges within an 8km radius.

Because of this, it has the highest density of students in North America.

It also has the most wallet-friendly student rent in Canada, with an average bachelor unit at $641 and a monthly transport pass going at $85.

The Most Affordable Student Cities To Study In Right Now

3. Ireland: Cork

Also known as Ireland’s culinary capital, Cork is the second-largest city in the country with a population of around 200,000.

If you’re a foodie, it would be the perfect study destination for you.

With many food options available, you’ll be able to get good cheap meals whether you decide to dine out or in campus canteens.

Apart from that, it also has a vibrant nightlife and live music scene.

Some great school options include University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology, among others.

In terms of expenditure, expect to shell out an estimated amount of over $1,300 per month.

4. New Zealand: Christchurch

With a lower overall cost of living than other cities in New Zealand, Christchurch is all about city life at an affordable price.

Besides that, beautiful landscapes are a short drive away whenever you feel the need to connect with nature.

With an estimated monthly expenditure of slightly over $1,200 a month, you don’t have to break the bank if you choose to study in Christchurch.

The 2 top universities in Christchurch, University of Canterbury and Lincoln University, are both ranked within the top 400 in the world – so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

5. United Kingdom: Edinburgh

Harry Potter fans, you might be aware that Edinburgh was the filming location for the popular movies.

Famous for its picturesque sceneries, Georgian architecture and medieval castles, Edinburgh is also home to one of the world’s most prestigious universities: the University of Edinburgh.

Within the university’s vicinity, there are 13 budget supermarkets and 20 charity shops. Hence, students don’t have to fork out too much on groceries and shopping.

As rent in Edinburgh is over 51% cheaper as compared to London, it is definitely a great choice for those looking to study in the UK while on a budget.

The Most Affordable Student Cities To Study In Right Now

6. USA: San Diego

Located on the South-West coast, near the Mexican border, San Diego is known for its tourist attractions and gorgeous beaches.

It is also a popular choice for international students due to its relatively affordable cost of living and the fact that it has the cheapest average tuition fees in the US.

Some top university choices include the University of California San Diego and the University of California Irvine.

As for the average estimated cost of living, the total damage adds up to over $1,300 per month.

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