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Campus Perth

Campus Perth is a new student co-living hub that opened in January 2019. With an emphasis on design, functionality and technology, this intercollegiate campus provides single en-suite Studios, Twodios, 6-bed Cluster rooms and its signature Campus 4 rooms.

Split across 3,600 sqm of communal areas, students have access to The Link - a co-working space with cluster tables, individual workstations and rooms for private meetings, all equipped with the latest technology and connectivity including high-speed Wi-Fi, USB charging stations, screening options and monitors. The Commons is a vibrant, multi-cultural area for students to take a break from studying and features a gaming room, snooze and social areas. A fully-equipped fitness centre is also accessible for students and host a rotation of classes, from Pilates to Muay Thai, Yoga and Zumba classes, a laundry floor, a BBQ rooftop along with fully-equipped communal kitchens on each floor for students to share their favourite recipes and show-off their cooking skills.

Campus Perth blurs the lines between traditional student accommodation and a co-living space to deliver the next generation of student accommodation. Campus Perth is a student lifestyle, a co-living hub that empowers independent living, whilst being part of a wider, like-minded social, academic and safe community. It will also contribute to and enhance the vibrant, urban precinct of Northbridge.

The building is a series of unique, future-focused and inspiring design-led spaces that represent the next-gen evolution of student accommodation. A key consideration for Campus Perth is to support the multi-tasking of students and elevate the urban lifestyle of being a university student. The project adopts the concept of co-living to blend spaces and create engaging and dynamic communities which allow students to engage communally and collectively, while also enjoying individual experiences.

The diversity and unique identity of each space offers a choice for students in how they socialise, study, collaborate and seek retreat. The spaces are designed to be fun, to inspire and motivate, with elements of surprise and delight. The design takes a 'hyperlocal' approach with an emphasis on delivering customised, unique and authentic experiences to Campus Perth by commissioning local art and creating integrated spaces to host events and cultural activities.

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