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Scholarships in UK

University Name Scholarship Name Scholarship Amount English Waiver On the Spot Offer at IDP Event
University of Liverpool 1) Vice-Chancellor's International Attainment Scholarship 1) £2,500 tuition fee reduction No Yes
2).HRH Princess Sirindhorn University of Liverpool Scholarship (Thailand) 2)Full tuition fees and living stipend of £9,000.
3).University of Liverpool Management School Future Leaders Master's Scholarship 3).Full fee waiver. (TBC)
University of Surrey 1). Surrey Thailand Masters Scholarship 2020 1). GBP 2, 500 No No
University of Lincoln 1). Thai Scholarship £5,000 1). £5,000 of the tuition fee No.  No. But we can offer scholarships on the spot for £5,000 Thai Scholarship. 
2). Lincoln 50% Global Scholarship 2). 50% of the tuition fee (1st year only for UG and whole fee for Masters) We can offer FREE English tests at any time in the cycle. 
3). £2,000 (automatic) Undergraduate Programme 3). £2,000 (automatic)
Northumbria University 1).  UG 3,000 GBP discount in the first year Yes No
1,500 GBP discount in the second year
1,500 GBP discount in the third year
1).  PG 3,000 GBP discount
University of Southampton 1) Southampton International Merit Scholarship (still TBC for 2020 entry) 1) Up to £3000 Yes – although we can’t call it a waiver, and there are certain conditions (e.g. the letter must state that the student has been taught and assessed in English. No
2) Southampton Business School scholarships 2) £3000 or £5000
Durham University 1). Business School Scholarships 1). £5,000 No No
University of Portsmouth 1).  Vice Chancellors Global Development Scholarship 1). GBP 1600 Selected universities No (recommendation only)
2). Alumni Discount 2).  20%
University of Hertfordshire 1).January 2020 Intake 1).1,500 GBP or 10% of tuition fee Yes No
2).September 2020 Intake 2). Up to 4,000 GBP
Or 35% of tuition fee
Bangor University 1).  International Student Scholarships for UG/PG/PhD GPA 2.5 – receive 2,000 GBP scholarship per year Yes (Case by Case) NO
- Graduated at High schools/ Universities in Native English countries  (Suggest students submit the application form and we will follow up closely) 
GPA 3.5 up – receive 4,000 GBP scholarship per year - International Programme at Chula, Thammasart (other uni can be considered)
Royal Holloway 1). International Future Leaders Scholarship (Undergraduate)  1). £4,000 off tuition fees for first year No, Postgraduates will require IELTS. No
2). Principal’s Masters Scholarship  2). £4,000 off tuition fees for one year A-levels/IB students no IELTS requirements
De Montfort University 1).International Student scholarship  1). 1,500£ Yes Yes (Business Subject only) 
Leeds Beckett University 1). International Undergraduate Scholarship 1). £1000 per year No Yes
2). Thailand Postgraduate Scholarship 2). £4000 for the first year
3). Foundation Year Scholarship  3). £1500 
3). Research Scholarship 4). £1500 for the first year No  No
University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship (All level) 75% Scholarship No  No 
Coventry University 1).Academic Merit 1). 1500-3000 Yes for some international programs Yes
2).TBC 2). TBC
3). TBC 3). TBC
University of York 1). Worldwide: Vice-Chancellor's Undergraduate Scholarships 1). £15,000 No No
2).Worldwide: Vice-Chancellor's Postgraduate Scholarships 2). £5,000
3). Academic Excellence Scholarship - Region : Southeast Asia (Thailand)  3). £5,000 
University of Exeter 1).Asia Pacific Global Excellence Scholarships 2:1 degree (3 or 3.2 GPA) £5,000 No No
2). Full Scholarship, apply by March 31 with IELTS 7.0 Full Scholarship
Aston University 1) Merit Scholarship £3,000 - £5,000 - £8,000 No No
2) MSc Enterprise 100% full scholarship 
Cardiff Metropolitan University 1) 50% SOUTH EAST ASIA SCHOLARSHIP AWARD  £6500 - £7000 No Yes
The Robert Gordon University 1). RGU International Student Discount for Bachelor's Students £3,000 No No
2). RGU International Student Discount for Master's Students £2,000
3). RGU International Student Discount for Research Students £3,000
4). Vice-Chancellor's Undergraduate Scholarship 1st Full Year UG Fees
University of Derby 1). Postgraduate Scholarship £2000 Yes No
2). Regional High Achiever Scholarship £3000
3). GREAT Scholarship  £11,000
Kingston University 1).  Kingston University International Scholarship £2000 No Yes
University of Greenwich, London 1).  International Scholarship Award £500- £3000 No Yes
University of Essex 1).  AEIMS (For PG) GPA 2.75 or above – GBP 2,500
GPA 3.0 and above – GBP4,000
GPA 3.5 and above – GBP5,000
No Yes
2) IB Scholarship (for UG) GBP2,000 if score is 34 points or more
Middlesex University, London  1).  Regional  merit  award 1) £1000 - £2000 No Yes
Henley Business School 1).  Business and Management MSc Any amount, but typically 20% - 60%, sometimes higher No No
2).  Accounting MSc
3).  Information Management MSc
4).  MSc Spatial Planning & Development A number of part fee waiver scholarships are available including RTPI funded ones
5).  MSc Rural Land & Business Management Scholarships are available up to the value of a full fee waiver
6).  ICMA Centre, Henley Business School General £5K Scholarship
International £5K Scholarship
FinTech £5K Scholarship
International Shipping & Finance £5K Scholarship
MSc Finance £10K Scholarship for experienced candidates
University of Gloucestershire 1). Postgraduate Merit Scholarships 50% off tuition fees No Yes
2). International Bursaries 4,000 GBP off tuition fees
Brunel University London International Excellence Scholarship  £6000 No No
MBA Scholasrhiip  £6500
The University of Sheffield   1). PGT merit scholarship  1). 25% Depends on qualifications  No
2). UG merit scholarship  2).50% - for full duration (3 years)
University of East Anglia 1). UEA Thailand Awards £3,000 to £5,000 No No
2). SCHOOL of LAW’s Scholarships: GPA 2.7 - 3.29 £4,000
GPA 3.3 and above £6,000
and 50% Scholarship (x2)
3). School of ECONOMICS’ Scholarships
Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn, University and Kasetsart University students with 2.7 GPA, 31th March deadline
50% Scholarships
Nottingham Trent University 1) free pre sessional offer is available for the 10 and 6 week students for next September   No Yes
1).International Scholarship £2000-£3000
2).Postgraduate Masters Scholarships  Up to 50% of tuition fees 
3).Undergraduate scholarships  Various amounts


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