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Discover English



Discover English is a specialist language college in Melbourne, in south-eastern Australia. Founded in 2010, the institution offers a full range of both general and focused English language programmes, such as Business English and English for Academic Purposes. The college also provides exam preparation courses and optional after-hours teaching.

As a full member of English Australia, all courses are fully accredited and quality endorsed by NEAS. Discover English was granted the Best New Examination Centre Award from Cambridge English Assessment in 2017.

The college is part of the Academies Australasia group of 18 separately licensed colleges with campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Discover English campus consists of a modern, five-storey building in Melbourne's bustling central business district. It has been fully remodelled to suit academic requirements, and designed with a boutique aesthetic to give a comfortable, social student environment. There are also up-to-date study facilities including a fully-resourced student library and free building-wide Wi-Fi, lounge and kitchen facilities are also available on site.

Discover English emphasises student support and wellbeing, offering comprehensive welfare assistance. They provide a free weekly one-hour Job Club session, where students can receive help from an English teacher in preparing their resume and cover letter, as well as hone their interview skills. In addition, assistance is available with administrative tasks in relation to Australian working requirements.

Those interested in studying abroad in Australia are well-catered for, the campus currently being home to students from over 50 countries from six continents. The college has earned a reputation for being very supportive of international students and was a finalist in the Victorian International Education Awards in 2018 in the Excellence in International Student Experience category.

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What's new

What's new

In-person learning

Discover English is pleased to announce that its campus has recently re-opened for in-person and face-to-face learning following the lifting of Covid-19 related restrictions across the state of Victoria.

As a result, students will be able to continue enjoying outstanding quality education in Covid-19 safe classroom environments in addition to quality online and remote learning options.

International Student Centre – The Couch

In the city of Melbourne, a well-respected and longstanding international student centre will be re-opening. The Couch is a dedicated support hub for students of international origin which is delivered via a partnership between The City of Melbourne itself and the Salvation Army. This service is a fantastic place to connect to the local community, join in fun events, activities or volunteering opportunities, and make new friends. International students will be able to attend for free and will be able to access free cooked meals during their visits.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Discover English is renowned for its excellent quality of English language teaching that caters for students of all levels and abilities and allows them to quickly and successfully achieve their ESL potential. The staff and instructors at the school are drawn from a variety of backgrounds ranging from artists, writers, actors, academics, athletes, musicians, and linguists to name but a few.

However, the things that unite them are a passion for language teaching and teaching expertise. The teachers at the school have often lived abroad and travelled widely, so they understand the student experience and are always available to help.

Students at Discover English are always prioritised. The school offers a huge range of academic support and extra services to ensure that each student has everything they need to make great progress in their language learning while they are at the school. Whether it's academic counselling or assistance with studies, the Academic Department maintains an open-door policy and invites students to come and chat about courses of study or future objectives at any time.

With staff from a huge range of backgrounds, students will always find someone who understands their needs and has their best interests at heart.

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Department structure

Department structure

Discover English is a specialist English Language Teaching school and builds its academic structure around the delivery of a diverse range of language courses that are tailored to meet a range of student needs and ambitions.

The school offers an impressive range of English Language courses which include:

  • General English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Business English
  • English Excel

The school also offers supporting experience, and packages of study including work experience placements and single unit extras to give students a boost in certain areas.

The courses and programmes of study are arranged in such a way that students will be able to attend classes in either the morning or afternoon periods, allowing for flexible and enjoyable studies.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Discover English is committed to ensuring that students of all abilities, backgrounds and ambitions can find the right course for them at the school. As a result, the school regularly schedules a wide range of courses which cater to students of every level.

At Discover English, each course has specific entry requirements. Students should consult the specific web page for their chosen course to identify the minimum entry requirements before applying for entry into a particular course.

Entry requirements for a course will predominantly relate to English Language abilities across the competencies of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Evidence of ESL ability will need to be demonstrated by the student through the submission of evidence from an accredited certification body such as IELTS or an equivalent.

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At Discover English, students will be able to enjoy a modern and well-equipped campus in the centre of Melbourne, one of Australia's most cosmopolitan and diverse cities. The campus of the school has been developed within a beautifully restored historical building in the centre of the city, and now features cutting-edge technology and modern facilities. The school's campus occupies six different floors of the site and is exclusively used and by Discover English, its staff and students.

As a result, students will be able to find a wide variety of classrooms and services across the building. The school's student lounge is situated at the bottom of the building and is an ideal place for students to socialise and relax with staff and students from around the world.

Students at the school will also have uninterrupted access to kitchens with microwave facilities and vending machines. There are also computers around the lounge that are free to access so students can keep up to date on work and other things in their down-time.

The school is experienced in supporting students in obtaining quality accommodation across the city of Melbourne, ranging from premium student halls, which are just a stone's throw away from the school and the rest of the CBD, to homestays which can provide an unforgettable experience of Australian life.

Melbourne is an outstanding city for international students and is one of the most visited destinations in Australia. Whether it's art, culture, fashion, food or nature, Melbourne is the perfect place to have a vivacious and sociable lifestyle whilst studying.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

Discover English is committed to offering students around the world an affordable and value for money pathway to achieving their English Language learning objectives. The school offers a wide range of courses that have varying programme lengths and associated fees. Students can select from these programmes to get the best program for them in such a way that fits in with their finances and lifestyles as well.

Discover English does not support any direct scholarships or bursaries but welcomes students to explore different funding options for their studies. Financial support for studies can come from a variety of sources and may include personal savings, financial support from family, or earnings from a job.

Discover English and its support services teams are always available to provide advice and support to students should they have any questions or concerns regarding funding their studies.

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Average cost of living in Australia

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Australian & New Zealand Interview Program 2021

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AU NZ Bangkok, Thailand 20th Nov 2021 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

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