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TAFE Western Australia


ค่าครองชีพโดยเฉลี่ย Australia

TIWA is the unit within the Western Australian Department of Training and Workforce Development responsible for the recruitment and admission of international students studying at Western Australian TAFE colleges and public schools. It is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) regulated by the Australian Government?s Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), which delivers nationally accredited courses to international students in partnership with Western Australian TAFE colleges through North Metropolitan TAFE, South Metropolitan TAFE, Central Regional TAFE and South Regional TAFE.

Students choose to study with TAFE Western Australia to access world class facilities, training by expert lecturers and practical work placements. They can choose from over 200 career-focused courses that will give them the hands on training they need to achieve their career goals.

There are many different activities, on and off campus, where students can meet other international and local students and have fun in a relaxed environment. The Council for International Students of Western Australia (CISWA) offers a variety of services including country hospitality, Christmas hospitality and share a meal hospitality.

Optus Stadium is 60,000 seat, world-class, multi-purpose stadium opened in January. Students can keep an eye out for concerts by their favourite international artists, or if student is a sports fan they can catch a game of Australian Football League (AFL), International and Big Bash League cricket, soccer or rugby league.

Perth, Western Australia is a stunning modern city with an ideal combination of cultural buzz, green spaces and easy access to beaches and coastline trails. With over 2 million people including a mix of students and cultures from all around the world, speaking over 170 languages and practicing over 100 religions, students will always feel welcome and respected. Perth is home to many of the state?s major arts companies and cultural institutions, and hosts world class exhibitions, festivals, performances and concerts year round.

North Metropolitan TAFE offers campus locations in the heart of Perth?s cultural district, surrounded by restaurants, cafes and bars. Students learn through practical training from industry experts, in state-of-the-art facilities. The college has strong partnerships with industry that ensure courses remain current and provide students with job-ready skills.

South Metropolitan TAFE knows there?s more to student life than just studying. The college offers a mentor program connecting students with second year students to help them settle in. Students can get involved and meet new friends through college organized activities such as the Rottnest Island tour and Dwellingup camping trip.
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TAFE Western Australia TAFE Western Australia
Rated4/5based on3 student reviews
Customer reviews:
TAFE Western Australia - by, 2019-12-15
4.0/ 5 stars
TAFE Western Australia TAFE Western Australia
Rated4/5based on3 student reviews
Customer reviews:
TAFE Western Australia - by, 2020-01-10
5.0/ 5 stars
TAFE Western Australia TAFE Western Australia
Rated4/5based on3 student reviews
Customer reviews:
TAFE Western Australia - by, 2020-02-03
5.0/ 5 stars

Specific entry requirements vary depending on the subject area, level and course. You can view all courses from TAFE Western Australia to filter on courses to understand what requirements they have.

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