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Ankara Agreement: Turkish citizens can reside in the UK

Our topic in this article is the Ankara Agreement, which we hear more and more every day. Turkish citizens can request the right to establish and reside in the UK with Ankara Agreement,was signed between Turkey,the Balkans,the East European Countries and some members of the European Economic Community in 1963. First of all, let us state that Turkish citizens (students or tourists) in the UK can legally apply to the Ankara Agreement Business Establishment Visa, with any visa.

So what are the details of the Ankara Agreement for students?

  1. During the education in the UK, students who continued to work at the same workplace without interruption for 1 year may continue to stay in the UK by applying for a UK Ankara Treaty Employee Visa, providing that they continue to work at this workplace and job.
  2. During free time from education in the UK. you can work on the desired profession and apply for the Ankara Agreement Business Establishment Visa while the school is ongoing. In fact, the application can be carried out without returning to Turkey.
  3. For the students whose Ankara Agreement is approved, the rules of this treaty shall apply instead of the student visa. Thus language, undergraduate, master and doctorate education can be continued as part time, not full time.
  4. In the UK for those who want to work at home office / freelance, a lower capital may be sufficient. However, the capital will be higher in jobs that require offices, shops and employees.
  5. Applicants to the Ankara Agreement are expected to have sufficient knowledge of English to settle and run their business. Knowledge of English at a level that can communicate with institutions, banks and customers earns additional points when evaluating the application.
  6. If an expert is required when applying to the Ankara Treaty, you can get help from immigration law experts and lawyers who have an OISC license. We recommend using legal remedies and representatives.

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