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Ask IDP: Whether IELTS or Study Abroad

During this pandemic, a lot of things to changed. And already a complex process like studying abroad, travelling and immigration became more complex with constant changing with measures and requirements. IDP Turkey follows every process up to date and now organizing an online event for help you to make informed decisions for your future! With this event, our education experts will try to eliminate the question marks in the minds of student and families with up-to-date information about studying abroad, received from universities and consulships. On the other hand, our IELTS experts will inform you about the developments regarding the exam procedure and exam dates.  

What is covered with "Ask IDP"?

With this event, you will be able to learn about current developments regarding studying abroad in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Ireland and get answers to specific questions in your mind. With that, you will be informed about how IDP Turkey can help you through your applications, entry and visa process. 

In addition to this, you can also be informed about the changes in practices IELTS with this pandemic. How does the health and social distance measures work and what are the advantages / disadvantages of Video Call Speaking practices in Speaking Part? You can ask every question in your mind regarding registration, test day and after test practices to IELTS experts! 

When will this event hold? How can I register?

Ask IDP event will be online event that you can attend from the comfort of your home: It will start on Monday, September 14th at 19:00. You can register by clicking this. After you complete your registration, you will receive an e-mail with Zoom link. You can easily download Zoom App your phone or your computer. If you are not familiar with Zoom:

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If you are looking to further your education, undertake a world class degree or fast track your career, Australia offers a range of opportunities. Let’s take a look at the advantages.


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