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IDP Education won the '' World's Best Abroad Education Consultancy Company '' award at The PIEoneer Awards 2019, organized by The PIE, the most prestigious media company in the international education industry. The award ceremony, where the innovations and achievements is celebrated in the field of international education every year, took place in London on September 19.

IDP, celebrating its 50th anniversary at the same time, helps international students choose the right university and department by working in partnership with more than 700 leading educational institutions in English-speaking countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United States.

IDP Education, which has 120 offices in 30 countries, pioneers many advances in the industry, offers many services such as digital events, expert support and computerized IELTS has proven once again that it is a global leader in education consultancy in Turkey and the world with this award.

Why IDP?

Most students who dream of studying abroad think that the application stages such as paperwork, form, institution, visa are challenging and complete their education in their own country without realizing this dream. IDP, a specialist in overseas education counseling, makes it easier for students to achieve their goals and to move them away from this boring process as much as possible, allowing them to focus on an adventurous educational adventure in a foreign country.

What are the advantages of IDP?

  • It helps you choose the right university and department.
  • It suggests the most suitable program for a successful future and career.
  • With 50 years of history, you will receive the most up-to-date opportunities, news and changes from expert training consultants.
  • It provides English language exam, support for visas, pre-departure recommendations and accommodation you will need when living abroad.
  • IDP offers an opportunity to acquire a new environment by participating in meeting activities in countries you go with a network of employees, graduates and students spread all over the world.
  • Moreover, you do not pay any fee for all of this. In addition to free counseling, applications are free for some contracted schools and universities.

Would you like to communicate with the universities you want to study abroad? Here are the details.

On which subjects can you get education counseling?

IDP Education assists students with the idea of studying abroad on a wide range of topics from country, department and university selection to application stages, from career goals to campus life. Knowing which areas of employment are available in the country to be educated makes it easier to find opportunities to work in the country.

IDP also provides support to students who are accepted from a university at every step of the visa application process. In general, it provides guidance to the students in the easiest and most accurate way to do these procedures step by step, by freeing students who are confused about the visa application dates, required documents and requirements depending on the countries and the duration of the visa procedures.

IDP is besides you before abroad education

For students, going out of the country or city where they live and switching to a new life experience can seem quite challenging and scary. IDP provides support from the experts with various presentations and meetings before going to prepare for the country's life with the education consultancy it offers to the students. Thus, it gives advance information on the subjects such as local culture, student life, study and internship opportunities while studying, practical information that will be beneficial for international students, and possibly culture shock. You can check our article to plan your study abroad with IDP. 

IELTS exam partner

Recognized as the key to study at many universities and colleges worldwide, IELTS is one of the most popular among English language exams. IDP Turkey, as IELTS partners, 6 provinces including Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya and Adana that also allows students to test their examination centers closest to realization. It also offers computerized IELTS service while providing support with free or reasonable fees materials before the exam. Details about IELTS new computer exam are in our article.

What should you do to get consultancy support from IDP?

If you are looking for a country to study abroad or cannot decide which department to choose, it offers you free support with the education consultancy service offered by IDP. What you need to do is very simple! For studying in Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand, you can get help from our experts with the form you fill out on our website. Fill out the form and our experts will contact you!

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