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Top Universities And Work Permits In The UK

You have completed your education abroad. Now, you want to stay in the country where you are for a while to make a great start for your career. Here is an exciting news from the UK, where the world's best universities are located! With the new regulation made by the government, in the UK countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) international students with undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate education will be given a full 2-year work permit starting from the 2020-2021 academic year. We have listed the best universities in the UK where you have this chance to study ...

University of Warwick

Warwick University, where more than 20% of students are international students, is located in Coventry, England. Founded in 1965, while the University of Warwick giving great importance to research, offers high-quality education to young talents from 120 countries each year. The university, which has 4 faculties consisting of science, literature, medicine and social sciences, has bachelor's, master's and research opportunities. The annual tuition fee at Warwick University varies between £ 18,330-23,380.

University of St Andrews

Saint Andrews University,consists of more than 40% of international students, has been teaching in Scotland since 1413. Especially standing out with its international relations, computer science and physics departments, the University of St Andrews ranks among the best universities in the country. Prince William of Duke of Cambridge is among the graduates of Saint Andrews University, which is the oldest English-speaking educational institution after Oxford and Cambridge. The university's annual tuition fee ranges from £ 20,570-28,200.

Loughborough University

About 10% of international students receive education at Loughborough University, founded in England in 1909. Loughborough University is among the top universities preferred by students who want to study mechanical engineering and business administration because of their reasonable tuition fees. The university, which has one of the largest campuses in the UK and Europe, has an impressive environment with its green areas. The annual education fee of Loughborough University varies between £ 16,400-20,500.

Lancaster University

Founded in Lancaster, England in 1964, Lancaster University has 20% international students from over 100 countries. Lancaster University, which is the center of attention with its success in education and research, is among the top three universities with the highest employment opportunities for graduates in the UK. The annual education fee of Lancaster University, which is especially popular in the fields of art and design, is between £ 15,680-30,330.

Durham University

Durham University, founded in Durham, England in 1832, is one of the most academically successful educational institutions. Durham University, which has international students and faculty from different cultures from 150 countries, has over 200 undergraduate, 130 postgraduate programs and research opportunities. At the university, which provides education in the fields of arts and humanities, science, social sciences and health, subjects of psychology, information technologies and English are very popular. Durham University's annual tuition fee ranges from £ 17,400-22,000. 

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow, one of the top 100 universities in the world, founded in 1451 in Scotland, is also one of the best research institutions in the UK. Particularly drawing interest in economics, MBA and law, Glasgow University has close to 20% international students from 120 different countries. Glasgow University, which has 6 Nobel Prizes, has the oldest engineering faculty in the UK and the only aerospace engineering department in Scotland. The annual tuition fee for the University of Glasgow varies between £ 16,000-42,000. 

University of Edinburgh

Founded in 1582, the University of Edinburgh is located in Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh. Nearly 30% of international students are educated at Edinburgh University, especially in the fields of MBA, veterinary medicine and engineering. The university, which is among the world's largest and most prestigious institutions providing research-intensive education, has a good reputation in the field of medicine and science. Charles Darwin, Graham Bell, Arthur Conan Doyle are among the famous graduates of the University of Edinburgh, which has many inventions such as telephone, anesthesia and penicillin. The university's annual tuition fee is £ 18,800-24,600.

Swansea University

Located in Wales, Swansea University has been providing teaching since 1920. There are close to 15% international students at Swansea University, an expert in research. Swansea University, which has high successes in terms of employment opportunities for graduate graduates and student satisfaction, is among the most cost-effective universities in the UK. The annual education fee of the university, which is preferred by students especially in the fields of computer science and engineering, varies between £ 12,000-18,450. 

Cardiff University

Cardiff University in Wales provides education to approximately 20% of international students. Popular in psychology, law and MBA, the university offers expertise and research opportunities in the fields of engineering, technology and social sciences. Cardiff University, which can provide employment opportunities to 95% of its graduates, has award-winning academics and Nobel Prizes. The university's annual tuition fee is £ 15,080-18,980.

Queen’s University Belfast 

Founded in 1845 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast has connections with nearly 3 thousand companies from 120 countries today. The university, where more than 90% of its graduates have the opportunity to work within the first 6 months, also provides graduate and research-intensive scholarships to its international students. The famous graduates of Queen’s University Belfast, one of the best universities in the UK preferred by students especially in the fields of medicine and business, are actors such as Liam Neeson, Stephan Rea, and Seamus Heaney, a Nobel Prize winner. The university's annual education fee is £ 16,100-20,100.

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