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COVID-19 update for international students to study in Canada

As in all areas of life, the travel of international students who were planning to receive their education abroad in Canada during the pandemic process that restricted their education life was also delayed. The Canadian government announced on its official website that international students will be able to enter the country as of October 20.

International students have to approve and fulfill the "Covid-19 Preparation Plan" of the institutions they will study before traveling. Students of institutions that do not have an approved Preparation Plan will not be able to benefit from this exemption. Of course, this is not the case for international students who are already in Canada, however, in case of leaving Canada for any reason, it will be required for these students to have an educational institution included in the "COVID-19 Preparation Plan", which will be valid as of October 20.

Students, passengers traveling to Canada must comply with the public health rules and have a 14-day quarantine plan in Canada.

If international students are currently in Canada and the student visa is expiring, the Government of Canada offers three options. 

The first of these is that if s/he wants to continue his/her education life, s/he must extend the duration of the student visa. Secondly, if s/he has completed his education life, s/he can apply for a post-graduation work permit. Finally, if s/he is not studying or applying for a post-graduation work permit, s/he can change her/his student visa to a "visitor visa".If the student wishes to stay in Canada for a further period of time, they must make one of these options before their student visa expires.

Governments frequently share updates during the pandemic process. If you want to take your studies abroad in Canada, Turkey IDP can help you. In addition to offering universities with the departments that best suit your career goals, IDP also supports visa procedures, providing you with step-by-step guidance on current developments and procedures to be followed.

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