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Don't Pay Application Fees For Ireland Universities With IDP!

Ireland, the new home of technology and global companies, has become a destination that makes a name for itself with the many opportunities it offers to study abroad students. IDP Turkey can support you in this regard if you are considering Ireland, which is a safe and English-speaking European country with a deep-rooted educational background, living both rural and urban life at the same time. If you are wondering if you can get an offer, you can apply to Irish universities with IDP. IDP makes your application for Irish universities with no extra application fees.

Ireland's educational methods are similar to those of the United Kingdom. Therefore, the education periods are the same. You have the chance to get your Bachelor's degree in 3 years and your Master's degree in 16 - 24 months. The National Framework of Qualifications, which determines the quality and qualification standards in education, facilitates the transition between institutions and allows students to move from one department to another as long as they demonstrate their qualifications. This gives you the necessary freedom in the education you want to receive.

In addition, Ireland, which provides a "Stay-Back" visa to international students studying in its country, gives a visa privilege that can last for one year for undergraduate students and two years for graduate students. With this visa, you can continue to live in Ireland and get a job after completing your studies in Ireland!

The tuition fees of Ireland, which is a world-class European country, of course, vary according to the university's ranking, the department you want to study in and the cities where you are located, but IDP's expert education consultants provide you with free support in this regard and help you with your applications without paying an extra application fee.

Irish universities you can apply to with us:

You just need to talk to an expert IDP counselor to reserve your place at Irish universities right away. Fill out a form or take advantage of WhatsApp, Online Chat, and Virtual Counseling services for free. Thus, IDP Turkey will offer you opportunities to study abroad that will help you achieve your academic and career goals. Moreover, without putting you in search of a "Certified Translator" for documents that need to be translated into English in your applications!

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