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How to Get Into UK Colleges With a Low GPA in the UK?

Part 1: 4 Universities

Although we all want to have a good academic background and an average, there may be fluctuations in our academic life where we can never proceed in a straight line. It is a fact that our academic averages play an important role at all levels of our educational life. Still, many reasons that can be listed here may prevent us from showing our true potential. For this reason, we need to do our best, seize the opportunities and look for ways to reach our dreams without getting away from reality.

If your dream is to study abroad in a historical, multicultural and magnificent country like The United Kingdom, this article series is just for you! You don't need to be the best student to achieve your dream of studying at a good university abroad. Just remember, this article we created has been written about 4 universities, only to give you an idea. You should contact your expert advisors of IDP International Education to get information about the countries and schools which is right for you and your plans.

Let's take a closer look at the universities that will give you an idea on this subject!

Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is a public university with campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford, London and Peterborough, ranks among the top 350 universities in the world and 41st in the UK.

For undergraduate departments, you need to have a high school diploma and at least 63% success rate. For graduate departments, Anglia Ruskin University expects an average of over 2.5. For language proficiency, you should have a score of 6.0 and above, not less than 5.5 in each section of IELTS.

Anglia Ruskin Image.png

Birmingham City University

The university, located in Birmingham, England, originally was found as a College of Art, but in 1992 it gained university status. The university, which is among the top 300 in the list of young universities, has many fields such as Social Sciences, Engineering, Science, Art and Language Sciences.

For the undergraduate departments, a high school diploma with an average of 70% is expected, and for the graduate departments, an average of 2.5 and above is expected. The school also wants some portfolio details in the areas such as Art and Design. In terms of English proficiency, like most schools, the general IELTS score should be 6.0 and above.

Birmingham City Image.png

De Montfort University 

De Montfort is a public university located in Leicester. The university, which ranks 67th among the UK universities, provides education in many fields such as Social Sciences, Science, Engineering, Business Administration and Arts.

For Turkish students, A high school diploma with a 75% average is required. For the master's degree, although it varies from department to department, a minimum average of 2.7 is required. The university, which accepts the IELTS exam in terms of English language proficiency, is looking for 6.0 and above scores as an overall score.

De Montfort Image.png

Leeds Beckett University

The university, formerly known as Leeds Metropolitan University, is located in Leeds, England. Hadingley and Leeds have two campuses in the city centre. The school, which is rewarded with silver status in teaching excellence, offers education in English, university preparation programs, undergraduate and graduate programs. It has departments in many fields such as Business, Sports, Accounting and Finance, and Engineering.

In terms of English language proficiency, the university expects a minimum overall score of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each field.

Leeds Beckett Image.png

In our second part, we will continue with our universities that will offer you more ideas. If you don't want to wait until then, you can fill out the form to meet IDP's expert consultants, you can meet online immediately or use the Whatsapp line.

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