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Effective study techniques that will prevent you to stay awake till morning before the finals

 We've all done it, and maybe we'll continue to do it, but we've compiled effective study techniques for you that will reduce your anxiety and make you feel more prepared for the topics. After all, we all know that the way to build an effective career is through a successful education life. Therefore, before it is too late, it is useful to examine these methods, which will really affect you.

1 – Review your notes for five minutes after class

Sometimes we get distracted during the lesson, or we focus so much on note-taking that we don't really know what to understand. So reviewing the notes at least five minutes  will really make a difference. It will put in order what you've learned, help you see if there are things you don't understand and if your notes have missing points that you do not understand, it will allow you to see them.  

2 – Read the chapter on the topic of the day from the book

You don't need to read the whole book, but it will make a big difference to read the chapter on the subject at least once, from your textbook or resources you can find on the internet. Thus, you will also have the chance to see the points you missed or did not understand in your grade. If you do not have such a habit, our suggestion is to get this habit as soon as possible.

3 – Try to do your homework at the end of each lesson

It's best to study on the topic when it is fresh! Maybe you have a project homework that you cannot finish in such a day, but starting to study immediately, getting organized and planning your time will add a big plus to you. You will not miss the deadline for the courses you want to increase your grade for and you will be able to submit homework in a more motivated and less tired way.

4 – Check how far you have come

You take your notes, do research on this subject, watch videos on it, and read articles. Why are you doing this? Do the things you apply to learn really work for you and support you on your way to your goals? What can these give me for good measure? With these types of questions, you can prioritize yourself and what you have learned, and gain awareness of the points that will contribute to your life by going deep into the subject. 

5 – Create a file for each topic

File your lecture notes and a copy of each piece of work you add on these lecture notes, along with the dates, and your materials on this topic each week. Create an archive that will turn into a huge atlas of your life from a mini development map where you can observe the historical progress of your learning journey. 

6 – Evaluate your daily work

You also make evaluations about your day and lessons as well as when you enter a restaurant, how you evaluate your experiences about that restaurant. Comment on what went well, what went wrong, and why. Thus, with the support of your past experiences, you will be able to take a step forward and have the awareness to target better.

Our lives may not be progressing with such rules and plans, but it is possible to have some control over the course of our lives with little habits. Expert consultants of IDP Study Abroad are ready to support you in order to study abroad with these study habits and to reach your career goals quickly! You can reach expert counselors by filling out the form or from Whatsapp line.  

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