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Top Four Reasons to Study in Australia

Its nature is magnificent, its climate is mild, its people are warm … Australia is among the happiest countries in the world in most researches. Australia, which has the title of the country with the most international students after England and America, has more than 350 universities. Here are 4 reasons to study in Australia…

High quality education

Universities in Australia are on the top 1000 list of QS World University Rankings, with many educational institutions. According to the Global University Research Network Universitas 21 - 2019 data, Australian universities rank 8th in the country ranking with the best universities in the world. The Times Higher Education 2020 university rankings include 35 educational institutions from Australia. You have the opportunity to work part time and full time on holidays during the education period you receive from higher education institutions in Australia. While studying in Australia you can also get double major, minor and special education programs.

International recognition

The Educational Services for Overseas Students (ESOS), which serves foreign students in Australia, supports students both financially and socially. Tuition Protection Service (TPS), one of the official government agencies of the Australian government, provides services and social assurances for students to pay their tuition and provide full course materials. Tuition Protection Service provides the opportunity to change departments or schools for students who cannot pay the tuition fee. In addition, there are appropriate interest-bearing learning credits for students from abroad.

Australia also has the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), which monitors and evaluates the quality of education. This institution aims to increase the quality of education in a sustainable manner by periodically evaluating the content of the education and receiving frequent feedback from the students. It also runs policies to guide students' career planning. In summary, if you are a student in Australia, you have many rights and opportunities regardless of the country you are a citizen of.

A happy life

We can say that it is a chance to study in Australia, which has a high level of welfare and attracts attention with its quality of life. According to the 2019 OECD data, Australia is in the top 10 in the list of the happiest countries in the world. Sydney and Melbourne, the two most important cities of Australia, are frequently preferred in higher education. Being a student in Australia also includes a lot of traveling and exploring thanks to frequent student trips. Unlike many countries students studying in Australia do not stay in dormitories on campus; campus life is generally used for lessons and sports purposes.

Starting a career

We can say that the chances of entering business life after education in Australia are slightly higher than other countries. Universities in Australia are legally recognized by all countries and employers prioritize graduates based on the quality of education in Australia. Especially information technology, computer programming, technical departments and health fields are more preferred than many countries.

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