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Hotcourses Turkey helps you to find the best university department

Are you having trouble choosing a department to study abroad? So, have you decided which country or university to study in? Hotcourses Turkey recently launched the new "Course Matching Tool".

Providing students with a comprehensive guide on universities, departments, entry requirements, visas, scholarships and career goals where they can study abroad, the site also gives students the opportunity to download free brochures and contact with the best schools and institutions in the world.

So, what does the new and innovative matching tool do?

As an international student, this matching tool offers you the opportunity to personalize your research by putting aside all your difficulties in searching for departments and universities. While doing this, you will be able to reach the most suitable department and university for you, thanks to its simple and convenient interface that you will proceed step by step.

The matching tool offers the most accurate options by calculating the country, university and department they want to study in line with students' qualifications, grade point averages and personal preferences, including career goals. Thus, you can simultaneously access detailed information from the database of approximately 159,000 programs, 1,479 educational institutions and 156 different fields, from tuition fees to post-employment visa options, from scholarship opportunities to career opportunities. Moreover, there are many country options such as the whole of the UK, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, including England.

How does the matching tool work?

The use of the tool is very easy and you can see the result quickly because it brings together the most comprehensive university, country and department mappings in the world that you cannot find anywhere else. So, how does this tool works for study abroad?

You can click the link to start using it. The tool asks a few questions about your education and lifestyle. It collects small clues from your dreams about the future and combines all the information it receives and gives you instant results.

By answering these few important questions, you can instantly reach your results in a short time. Here are a few questions that you will answers for your study abroad dreams:

  • Choose undergraduate, graduate and Phd degrees you want to study. 
  • Enter your start datte
  • Choose the country where you want to study abroad university
  • Decide on your tuition fee
  • Enter your English proficiency
  • And finally,  enter your preferences such as accommodation, scholarship, international student density

After giving these informations, the matching tool will show you the best results and you will aim for the best for yourself.

Here, the tuition fee, language proficiency and departments matching your GPA are listed according to university options. If you wish, you can add universities to your favorites and save them for later comparison. Or, if you are unsure of your choices, you can go back and change some steps.

How are your results evaluated?

The matching tool, which will make it easier for you to make a decision in the overseas university research process without needing anyone, evaluates your department selection results in 3 different categories. According to;

  1. İdeal - An exact match to the program, based on the GPA you entered.
  2. Eligible - Your GPA and language proficiency are above sufficient for entry.
  3. Persistent - The current criteria do not meet the entry requirements, but with a little more effort you can get a perfect match.. 

Opportunity to have a student-centered experience

Apart from its matching tool, Hotcourses Turkey offers another great platform for students for their needs. Besides searching by country, university and department, if you are not sure how to search, Bilgin can help. Hotcourses Turkey also offers articles with tips and guidance for students. You can benefit from comprehensive content about countries, department details, university applications, visa guidance, accommodation, tuition fees and career opportunities abroad.

If you want to contact with universities, many institutions on the site offer you this opportunity. In addition, if you want to learn more about the schools you plan to study, the site allows you to download university brochures for free. Also, by subscribing the Hotcourses Turkey website and social media channels, you can be informed about international education updataes and latest news. 

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