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How to write an essay draft?

Surely, there will be a short essay that will appear in your school assignments or your applications. Your understanding of the topic and your written expression will be examined and evaluated. The essays and articles you have to write will always be a part of your education life. If you accept this early and follow our tips on how to write; you can start writing essays that will reduce your stress in half! Let’s start to outline your essay: 

1 – Make sure you know what is required

For example, this is a topic you need to write for your homework. Divide the subject requested from you into separate parts. What did your teacher tell you about this subject before? What kind of content did they present and what exactly are they asking you to do? If you have found answers to these questions, you have created the based of your essay you’ll write. 

2 – Do not start with “About” or “Introduction” part

Let’s face it, to begin with this section with nothing in your hands yet will be quite challenging for you. Because this section should remarkably summarize your thesis and create a map for your essay. If you’ve already planned everything ahead and created draft already, do not take this suggestion seriously. The part where you summarize the subject and contents of the text will be a guide if you have created a draft already. However, we are already preparing a draft together. So, you don’t need to start this introductory part right away. It can be annoying to write an “About” section, which includes an introduction to something you haven’t start writing yet.

3 – Start with body section where you will examine the subject in detail

Yes. You have a topic you’ll write something about, but perhaps the best part is that you will write your own ideas. You need to do research for your subject, evaluate what everyone has written or said before and present your own opinion. Don’t hold back. You have been asked to provide your opinion on the topic, justify it and give your opinion without hesitation. 

4 – Drop your mic in your final paragraph!

You didn’t hold back and wrote your true opinions on the subject. Well, you did your research on the subject, presented the things that support your opinion and made the necessary explanations by staying true to the main idea of the subject. Of course, there is no need to keeping this going forever. For example, you kept telling about an apple for minutes with or without telling the name of an apple. This conclusion will be part where you take that apple in your hand and show it to the crowd you tell. Give this once, in a shorter form about your thesis. Reader may be distracted or forgot where you come from. 

Make a sentence in such a way that it can show all the points you mentioned. So it feels like you drop the microphone on the stage. 

5 – Quotes

When stating your opinion about something, it will be better for you to quote something that supports the idea that you are defending. Of course, just quoting is not enough. You need to indicate who said the idea you who said the idea you quoted and why it supported or disagreed with it and claims otherwise. Not declaring who this idea or quote belongs to would be plagiarism, and while stealing someone else’s ideas may save the day, it won’t save your future. You can offer better ideas anyway. 

6 – Add pages like Citations, Bibliography

To add these pages, you can use or create your own citation page. But it surely will be useful to create it. The sources you use are thus shown and you can present some kind of ‘evidence’ to support the idea you state. 

There it is! That’s how easy it is to create an essay draft! Now you can sit back and watch this draft you created from scratch with your favourite drink. Be proud!

You can then edit this draft in terms of both grammatical errors and flow of ideas and logical processing. Thus, you can complete your education life with high grades with less stress and less incorrect structure!

Of course, you’ll encounter such assignments in the education you will take abroad. If you want to begin your studies abroad but you don’t even know where to start, IDP Turkey can help you with this! Fill out a form or contact experts via Whatsapp. 

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