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What are the advantages of applying with IDP Turkey?

IDP Education has been providing free support to international students who want to study in these countries for more than fifty years, with more than 700 educational institutions partnered in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, America, New Zealand, and Ireland, which are the best-educated countries in the world. After you decide to study abroad, we have listed why you should make your education applications with IDP.

1 - Expert advisors help you make informed decisions with infrastructure and partnerships

It also has the infrastructure and partnerships that allow you to benefit from this expertise free of charge and provide you with the options that best suit your interests and skills. Collaborating/owning many subsidiaries such as IDP Connect, Hotcourses, and IELTS, IDP Education allows you to make the right and informed choice by keeping up with the current developments in the education world.

2 - Document Tracking and Sworn Translation Support

The completeness of the documents required for your education abroad ensures that the application and registration processes proceed smoothly and quickly. IDP's expert consultants prepare a list of documents for you according to the institutions you will apply to. If these documents need to be translated into English, they will take care of the translation without you having to find a sworn translator and pay extra.

3 - Displays and updates multiple applications on a single platform

For your study abroad, you can apply to more than one country and university-related to your fields of interest. With the IDP Study Abroad App, which will make it easier to follow all of these, both you and your expert IDP consultant can view images from a single platform. It creates a bridge between you and the school by sharing the offers you receive, up-to-date information from universities, and documents and updates without confusion.

4 - Application fees, IELTS, and other promotions

If you sometimes wonder whether you have the necessary qualifications for your dream university, but are hesitant to pay an application fee to apply because you can't decide exactly, following these campaigns of IDP will allow you to apply. Some of these campaigns are:

  • If you want to apply to universities in the UK, IDP covers your applications until the end of June 2021.
  • Free applications with IDP for University College Dublin
  • IDP covers the application fees for other Irish universities!
  • When you participate in the "Engineering and IT Education Webinar in Australia" event to be held with Torrens University and apply to the university, the university pays the fee for the IELTS you have entered and used in the application within two years!
  • Provided that you submit your IELTS result later, you do not need to submit your IELTS test result immediately for university applications with IDP.

In addition to these campaigns, your expert advisors will help you make your IELTS exam appointment on the most convenient dates for you and your application. It helps you to prepare for the exam in the best way by supporting the sending of free materials to you.

Prepares special workshops for the statement of purpose and letter of recommendation required for your application, or supports you on how to write them before presenting them to universities and from whom to get references.

5 - Student visa, accommodation facilities, compulsory health insurance, and other requirements

All IDP consultants are certified professionals who have previously studied/lived abroad. That's why they know best what it takes to study abroad and live most comfortably in the country you are going to. It walks with you and supports you in every step of your journey from your decision to study abroad to countries.

  • Documents required for the student visa and making an appointment
  • Tips for a good visa interview
  • Support for accommodation, health insurance, and other essentials

If you want to take advantage of this expertise and opportunities, you can fill out the form or contact WhatsApp, Online Chat, Virtual Counseling services instantly.

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