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IDP Turkey's Virtual Counselling and Studying Abroad Events

Coronavirus should not disappearance your abroad education goals!

Pandemic also known as Coronavirus or COVID-19 has completely changed  our agenda and current life. Kissing, shaking hands, hugging and even sitting side by side with people have become unhealthy and worrisome. This disease showing symptoms such as cough, fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing caused  measures to be taken both individually and socially in the fields of travel abroad, working and educational life , social use as it is very dangerous disease in terms of  infect spread rate.

There have been important changes in education one of the most important areas affected bt this fields. Schools are taking very important steps to prevent the spread of the disease though courses held over the online system called distance education or by organizing video conferences between teachers and students.

The beliefs and expectations that this period will pass have never changed althoug the travel restrictions imposed affect many test takers who make abroad educarion plans . IDP Education provides free online consultancy services to eveyone who wants to makes abroad education plans by never losing faith in this. In addition to the this IDP Education organizes online events  where you can get information from universities directly by bringing world universities to your homes. 

You can ask IDP Consultants for information can be obtained from the representatives about the measures taken by schools for coronavirus, new lesson systems, conditional admission opportunities,  IELTS scores required for English language proficincy, free concultancy and registration. 

If you would like to meet with expert advisors via online or you can see the world-renowned universities that IDP Study Abroad brings to your homes from here.

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